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Homer accidentally loses Santa's Little Helper, and the kids are distraught but also concerned that Homer doesn't seem to care about the missing dog. Once the dog is found, Grampa tells a story about Homer's childhood dog Bongo. After Bongo bit Mr. Burns, Abe took him to Aunt Viola's farm to keep him safe, and Homer never forgave his father. Homer never really cared for dogs anymore because he visited Bongo once and saw that he was happy without Homer. However, Abe shows him a Christmas card with Bongo cuddly Homer's old sweatshirt, proving that the dog was really loyal to Homer. Homer spends the evening reconciling with his father and cuddling Santa's Little Helper.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 8 Quotes

I love that dog...but that is one long, stupid name.


That's right, your lord sticks his hand in his pants. And yes, it is the same hand I tapped you with.