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Superintendent Chalmers is holding a meeting with the Principals. Each school gets to transfer their worst teacher to another school.The new teacher assigned to Springfield Elementary becomes Bart's new teacher, Mr. Lassen. 

Bart pulls a prank on the new teacher and as punishment he gives Bart a terrible haircut.

Marge is upset to find out Homer forgot to book a campsite for the weekend. Homer promises that he'll come through for her, but Marge is skeptical. 

Bart is determined to get back at Mr. Lassen. He hides a camera in the teacher's lounge to find out his weakness. He finds out he is interested in Ms. Hoover, so Bart creates a fake profile for Ms. Hoover online to bait him.

Bart and Millhouse find a video for "The Blazing Guy" on Mr. Lassen's profile. Homer is still trying unsuccessfully to find a campsite when Bart approaches him with an idea. The family travels to "The Blazing Guy" to camp. 

Marge is concerned that the campsite is not family friendly until a lady gives her spiked tea that makes her hallucinate. Bart is determined to destroy the "Blazing Guy" to get back at Mr. Lassen. His plan is to make it so it will not ignite when Mr. Lassen throws the torch. The plan works but Mr. Lassen finds Bart and comes after him. Homer destroys "The Blazing Guy" in his attempt to save Bart. 

Mr. Lassen is fired and he becomes a prison guard. He finds out Sideshow Bob hates Bart too and they discuss teaming up, but Sideshow Bob doesn't agree to his terms.

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh Marge I can't stand it when you cry at dinner. The pork chops look traumatized, the mashed potatoes can't stand to watch, even the children seem upset.


Superintendent Chalmers: Seymour, your new teacher is...everybody pray!
Principal Skinner: This is a public school
Superintendent Chalmers: I said pray!