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Homer is upset to learn Patty and Selma are staying with them. Homer tells Marge he's concerned about second hand smoke around the kids and the sisters agree not to smoke. Patty and Selma buy electronic cigarettes as a solution, but they break down and smoke in the bathroom. They turn the faucet on and it catches on fire.  

Lisa determines that someone is fracking in their neighborhood, causing natural gas to get into their tap water. She suspects the Texan and confronts him, but it's not him. Lisa and Bart find a building labeled Women's Basketball Hall of Fame which turns out to be a front for Mr. Burns' fracking operation. 

Lisa enlists the help of Assembly Woman Maxine Lombard. She invites Mr. Burns to a committee meeting and asks him if he's drilling under people's homes without their permission. She shuts down his fracking operation. When Mr. Burns comes to confront her, they end up sleeping together. 

Mr. Burns promises a raise and promotion to Homer to get him to convince his friends and neighbors to agree to his fracking, upsetting Lisa. 

Homer tells everyone that if they sign over their rights, they will receive five thousand dollars. Everyone in the neighborhood agrees to sell Mr. Burns their gas rights. 

Marge never signed the papers and because of her hold out, Mr. Burns cannot continue fracking. Homer and the rest of the town are angry. Mr. Burns terminates his affair with Maxine. 

Maxine destroys Mr. Burns' mansion and to get back at her, he and Homer continue fracking and cause an earthquake. Marge finally gets through to Homer and he turns on Mr. Burns, ending the fracking operation. 


The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 5 Quotes

I demand to see that capitalism castrating suffragette this instant.

Mr. Burns

I appreciate the counsel Simpson, now please trap door yourself out.

Mr. Burns