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Marge is driving home from the mall and comes across a bulldozer accident. Chief Wiggum's only suspect is Bart, but he has no evidence. 

Marge asks Bart about the incident in the car on the way home, but he swears he didn't do anything. 

Marge tells Homer she believes Bart stole the bulldozer and she's worried she's lost her handle on him. 

Marge tells Bart that she's going to watch him all the time. She goes to school with him and the bullies make fun of him for having her there.

Bart is determined to get out of the house without Marge following him. 

Marge finally decides to let Bart do what he wants and stops following him. Bart continues with his prank to use the bulldozer to bring down the Springfield sign. He finds chicken that Marge put in his bag and grows a conscience. He finally tells Marge he stole the bulldozer. 

Ned gets a new puppy who takes a liking to Homer. Santa's Little Helper is jealous of the attention Homer gives the puppy. 

Flanders is frustrated that the dog likes Homer better than him. He decides to give the dog to Homer, but Homer insists that he keep it. 

Homer makes up with Santa's Little Helper. 

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 18 Quotes

Marge: I'm not giving up on Bart, just like I didn't give up on our marriage when you quit your job to start the North American Sumo League.
Homer: The NASL would have made money if someone had washed a few sumo loin cloths for me.
Marge: I said I would do yours, but not the whole dojo.

Chief Wiggum: I've got everything I need to convict your boy, except for motive, means, and opportunity.
Lou: You also have no evidence.
Chief Wiggum: That's implied.