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Bart and Milhouse are playing "Mouse Catch" and they catch an eagle that flies through the window. Homer wants to kill it and cook it, but Lisa wants to nurse it back to health. Bart names the eagle Squaky. 

Inventor Elon Musk lands a spaceship in their yard. At dinner, he mentions he's in a rut and Homer invites him to come with him to the plant the next day. 

Musk has ideas for the plant and Burns is interested, especially when Musk says he doesn't care about money. Musk gives a press conference about his ideas to replace the school's energy (Willie pushing a wheel) with electricity. Smithers comes to Burns at night and tells him he doesn't agree with Musk. 

Bart manages to disable the auto drive by guessing Musk's password, steals the car, and drives it to the power plant. Burns announces multiple layoffs which launches Springfield into an "epression." 

Burns tells Smithers he intends to kill Musk. Burns shoots at him and Musk saves Homer, but Homer tells him he doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Elon leaves on his spaceship but has to come back to return Lisa who has hitch hiked. Bart has also been given a real working light saber. Musk takes off again and says he has left Springfield forever, but has a hologram of Homer.   

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 12 Quotes

Fine, we'll both go, and if anyone asks you something you don't understand, just say protons.


Squaky, until I met you, I never thought I could love something bald.