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Palmer and Fitzwilliam tour Setrakian's pawn shop preparing to box everything up for transfer to Stoneheart. Eichhorst appears and tells the old man "The Master gave you the white yes, but not the worm." Health but not immortality.

Meanwhile, Setrakian, Eph and Fet attempt to locate the Master's new nest. The duo centers in on Tribeca in Lower Manhattan and Eph realizes Rockstar Gabriel Bolivar owns a large theater in the area. That's it, the Master must be in there.

Fet and Eph break into the bar across the street which connects to the theater via an underground tunnel. They take the passageway to do a little reconnaissance and discover the Master's coffin is in the theater.

Elsewhere, Gus comes face to face with his kidnapper. The strigoi, Quinlan, knows of his dealings with Palmer and Eichhorst. He also knows Gus seeks vengeance for his family. Trying to escape, Gus runs into a dark chamber. Quinlan talks of the dreaming strigoi, known as the Ancients. The are at war with the Master and need a human soldier who can move freely in the daylight. They wish to enlist his assistance in massacring the unclean. Gus is indeed interested.

Palmer meets with the Secretary of Health and Human Services who thanks to Dutch and Eph's pirate broadcast is proposing a quarantine of Manhattan. Naturally, he can not allow this to happen, so he tosses the woman off the balcony.

Back in Tribeca, Setrakian, Eph, Nora, Fet, Dutch and Zack take the tunnel into Bolivar's theater. The Master is already waiting for them. An epic battle begins but the Master himself is nowhere to be found.

Eph and Setrakian run upstairs, while the others face off against Eichhorst and Bolivar.

Abraham hears Miriam's voice calling out to him and the Master comes out of the shadows. Eph spots a series of windows above. He and Zack begin breaking the glass panels above.

Rays of light flood the room and The Master does his best to avoid it. However, Eph lunges forward pushing the creature out a window and into the sun. 

Rather than finish him off, the Master is able to withstand the sunlight and scurries down the side of the building.

Devastated by their defeat, the team is forced to return to the Goodweather house for an inhaler because Zack is wheezing. Strigoi-Kelly returns home to her loved ones, calling out Zack's name. Eph takes a shot but misses and she vanishes. However, Zack has learned the awful truth that his mother is a vampire.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Gus: What the hell are you? If you're planning on eating Mexican tonight you're gonna choke I promise you that shit.
Quinlan: I did not bring you all the way down here to drink you.
Gus: Down here where huh?
Quinlan: Deep underground, somewhere safe.

Setrakian: Since the beginning of creation boys have hunted beside their fathers. This is no different.
Eph: This is very different. We're fighting to protect each other. We're going to get through this and we're gonna win.