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Three years in the future, Damon walks into a trap on his way to rescue Caroline at the beginning of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 8. Lily is the hunter after Stefan.

In the present day, she wakes up next to Julian. Stefan, Damon, and Enzo have a plan to kill Julian but they'll need the help of one of the heretics to unlink Lily from her boyfriend. Valerie agrees to help convince one of them to help her when Enzo reveals that all of the Heretics worship Julian. Enzo finds Lily in a bookstore and begs her to leave town with him.

Julian brings the girls to their anniversary party and Lily catches him feeding on one of the guests he's been stockpiling for the occasion. Mary Louise and Nora decide to leave until Lily agrees to make the party an exception for their rules against feeding on people. 

Caroline tells Stefan that she's pregnant with Jo and Alaric's babies and he's speechless. Instead of staying to talk to her about their situation, he leaves to go take care of Julian. At the party, Julian dances with Lily and tries to convince her to indulge in the party favors he has supplied. He entices her to feed on an innocent and she does, but Damon shows up, looking disgusted.

Mary Louise proposes to Nora just as Valerie shows up to ask for their help in unlinking Julian and Lily. Matt finds Enzo feeding on someone in the Grill. After an argument, Enzo gets picked up by an army of vigilantes. 

Valerie and Lily try to convince the others to help her and Beau is the first to acknowledge that he believes she's telling the truth. Damon and Stefan begin attacking Julian and the Heretics gather around Lily to help her.

Stefan talks to Lily about Caroline's surprise pregnancy and asks his mother for advice. She believes that she's lost her sons, but Stefan lets her know she still has him, even if she doesn't have Damon. Stefan believes there is hope for Lily and Damon, but it will take time. Mary Louise rescues Julian from Valerie and Damon.

Stefan calls Caroline. She gives him a pass if he doesn't want to stand by her while she's pregnant. He promises not to go anywhere. 

Nora finds Mary Louise trying to leave the party and learns that she let Julian escape. He ties Valerie and Damon up and tells Lily she has to choose between her Salvatore family and her Heretics. Nora breaks up with Mary Louise, recognizing the proposal as a manipulation. Lily stabs herself to save both Damon and Valerie not knowing that Julian had already unlinked them.

Stefan, Valerie, and Beau all say goodbye, but Damon refuses. 

In the future, Damon apologizes to the person he thinks is Lily, but that turns out to be a hallucination brought on by werewolf venom.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm only here because Stefan's a mama's boy and I don't want the silent treatment for the next century.


Caroline: I didn't believe it either, but then I ate 9 ice cream sundaes from noon to 3:00, and none of my clothes fit, and then there was that whole part with the doctor and the ultrasound so...yeah.