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Bonnie shows up at Caroline's to find Damon sitting on a chair, with tears streaming from his eyes. Caroline turns to Sybil, who tells her that she wants the bell, or she will not help. 

Caroline calls Matt, who says he does not care what Damon is going through. He was at a murder scene. Violet had murdered people in the bar and Stefan killed her. 

When Caroline and Bonnie entered Damon's mind, they were taken to the Salvatore Boarding House and were welcomed by Henry, who Damon saved from the war. 

He kicked them out of Damon's mind, but Stefan showed up to say he could help. 

Stefan revealed that when the going got tough, he would tell Damon everything was going to be fine. He said he would work on the bell, if the others worked on getting Damon back because Cade said they were not getting enough souls. 

When they went back into his mind, Vicki Donovan was alive, along with Liz. Liz arrested Caroline when she realized she was a vampire. 

Caroline desperately tried to get through to her mother, but she did not believe a word she was saying. 

Bonnie visited Grams and revealed that she was in a relationship with a vampire. Grams approved of her relationship. 

Seline revealed that the bell would make a path to Cade, but would also kill everything in its path for miles. Stefan got on board to get all the souls from Mystic Falls if it happened. 

Stefan compelled Matt to ring the bell if he did not forgive Damon for murdering Vicki within the hour. 

Bonnie met with Tyler in Damon's mind and was shocked to learn that Tyler seemed like himself. Bonnie realized that the Damon in his mind was actually the human version and not a vampire. 

She concluded that they would need Stefan to help out. Stefan went into Damon's mind and argued with him. Matt rang the first strike of the bell and Sybil and Bonnie were affected. 

Damon returned to his body and took Stefan out, before heading to stop Matt from ringing the bell the other 11 times. Damon apologized to Matt for killing Vicki. 

Sybil and Seline started to make amends with each other, but Cade showed up and killed them.

The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Matt: This isn't a good time.
Caroline: Well, this phone call is not going to make it any better.

Caroline: Well, looks like we have a rat in the cellar.
Sybil: Are you annoyed? I always thought that was your resting face.