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Sybil continues taking over Damon's memories and shows him a vision in which Elena wasn't saved during the Wickery Bridge crash. She continues trying to force Enzo to turn off his humanity switch, but he continues resisting. When Enzo says Bonnie means nothing to him, Sybil sends Damon after her.

Bonnie wants to celebrate Caroline's engagement, but Caroline wonders if she's faking it. Bonnie promises she's not and the two set out to plan Caroline's dream June wedding. Stefan seeks Ric's approval on the engagement and the two eventually discuss the Armory's findings when it comes to capturing the Siren. 

While Caroline and Bonnie are dress shopping, Damon shows up to make good on Sybil's command. She stabs him through the hand with a hanger and Caroline pins him to a cabinet which gives the a chance to escape. Sybil and Enzo join him at the bridal shop and Enzo uses Damon's friendship with Bonnie against him by planting it in Sybil's head. She once again body swaps with Bonnie to rewrite Damon's memory.

Stefan and Ric learn that Sybil and the boys are on Bonnie's trail. While the girls look for weapons in the Salvatore house, Stefan gets a call from Damon asking for help, but it's a trap. Damon is luring Stefan to the high school so that Sybil will get a chance to meet Bonnie in person.

Georgie and Ric speculate about the weapon's use and she comes up with interesting theories. She also begins to realize that this is more personal for Ric and has nothing to do with a writing deadline. Stefan meets up with Damon at the high school. As it turns out, this isn't a trap, but Damon can't form the words to tell him what it is because of Sybil's spell on him. He has Enzo in the trunk and a stake in his hands.

Caroline inadvertently gives Sybil the keys to break Bonnie by telling her that Bonnie is the most loyal person she'll ever meet. Bonnie is given the choice between Damon and Enzo. One of them will die. Bonnie refuses and Sybil reveals the next step of her plan: Damon and Enzo have been commanded to fight to the death.

The twins accidentally discover the purpose of the pitchfork when they drop it. It's a tuning fork. 

Stefan learns that Damon called him there as backup in his fight with Enzo. He hopes that Stefan will help him survive the battle and Stefan learns that Sybil has been rewriting Damon's memories. Bonnie slams the brakes on the car ejecting Sybil from the back seat just as the clock strikes and the boys begin to fight.

Stefan continues to try and break up the fight by repeatedly pulling Enzo and Damon off of one another. Sybil sings her way into another car while Ric leaves the twins with Georgie in hopes he'll be able to help stop the siren. Before he arrives, Bonnie chooses Enzo, but Sybil isn't okay with that. She once again orders Damon to kill Bonnie unless Enzo will turn off his humanity and pledge his loyalty to her.

Enzo chooses to save Bonnie and devote himself to Sybil. Sybil goes back on her word and tells Damon to kill Bonnie after all. She begins counting down from 10 and Bonnie runs. Damon catches up to her and Ric runs him over. He hits the tuning fork which injures Sybil so they're able to capture her and put her in a cell in the Armory. Damon leaves, but they get Enzo.

As Damon drives away from Mystic Falls, he encounters Tyler Lockwood who almost convinces him to walk away. Damon kills Tyler.

The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

I'd be honored to be your maid of honor...and not just because my main competition is in a coma until I die.

Bonnie [to Caroline]

Caroline: You snuck into my house and found my old wedding book?
Bonnie: How else was I going to out-Caroline Forbes Caroline Forbes?