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Damon and Enzo continue their hunt for Sybil's victims on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2. Damon sets his sights on a gun-peddling philanderer and delivers him to his boss, who has fallen in love with Jazz music. When she sings, her victims are drawn to her, but her powers don't work on vampires. Caroline moves in with Stefan while he remodels part of the Salvatore manor to make room for the girls. 

Damon falls asleep and returns again to the moment when he first met Elena, but this time he watches their exchange as a third party. Sybil attempts to seduce Enzo and we learn that she's unable to get inside his head the way she can with other people. Enzo fights her control and that keeps his humanity in tact. Sybil drags a name from his subconscious: Sarah Nelson.

Bonnie and Caroline continue tracking leads to pick up Damon and Enzo's trail. They learn that two girls named Sarah Nelson died that morning in North Carolina and Stefan recognizes that as Enzo's latest clue. The three of them set out to find Sarah Salvatore.

Ric sends his interns to D.C. to research the Sirens at the Library of Congress, but one of them stays behind to flirt. He and Georgie track down a date: 1790. Damon continues his attempts to convince Enzo to give himself over to the dark side. They find Sarah and Enzo introduces himself and Damon so that Sarah knows to defend herself. She vervains Damon so that she and Enzo can escape. They find Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie at her apartment.

Ric and Georgie go through the archive looking for old artifacts and find that on a June day in 1790, the Armory received a mysterious shipment from the town of Mystic Falls. As they geek out over the find, Ric discovers a cuneiform drawing in a book which scares Georgie away. Caroline calls and Ric learns that Enzo won't look at Bonnie so that Sybil can't use her against him.

Sarah and Stefan discuss her future and she says she won't leave with anyone but Enzo. When he and Bonnie go to the garage to get the car, Bonnie vervains him so that she can kidnap him. Damon attacks Caroline and strands her in the hallway without her daylight ring before breaking into Sarah's apartment.

Ric finds Georgie outside the Armory and asks her about the symbol and why it scared her. She has it tattooed on her stomach and asks if he believes in Hell. She tells a story about a time she died momentarily and killed her best friend in the process. While dead, she saw the symbol and then the EMTs brought her back to life. 

Bonnie drives Enzo away from North Carolina as rapidly as she can when Enzo's nose starts bleeding and he demands to be let out of the car. He's too far away from Sybil and she's calling him back. She vows not to let him out of her sight and begs him to stay, but he can't. Stefan invokes Elena in an attempt to get Damon to let Sarah walk away and it works. He lets her go, but Sybil waits for him on the other side of the door. She compels Stefan and asks about Elena while Sarah bleeds out on the floor.

Caroline can't fight through the sun to get to her daylight ring leaving Stefan alone with Sybil and Damon. Sybil gets inside his head and discovers his first encounter with Elena. Then she sees all of their encounters and decides to fix his loyalty leak by replacing herself in his memories. Sarah dies in front of all of them and Stefan apologizes for being unable to protect her.

Bonnie finds Caroline and returns her ring. Caroline learns that Bonnie's so alone she wants to die. Stefan lets them both know that Sarah didn't survive.

Georgie finds something important and so does Sybil. With Damon's help, she makes her way into Enzo's subconscious and learns about Bonnie. Stefan and Caroline discuss the weight of losing every Salvatore in his family and losing Damon to the siren. She asks him not to give up hope and he shows her the room he prepared for the girls. 

And he proposes.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Caroline: Is this a bad time?
Ric: No, I'm just getting used to the millennial work ethic.

Damon: So I'm thinking of a person. He's reasonably good looking, charming accent, and he would be the most amazing wingman if he just got rid of his martyr complex.
Enzo: That's not how you play 20 questions. Regardless, your answer is either Jesus Christ, or me.