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There's danger afoot and Maggie and Negan are working together again.

The aim is to save the people of Riverbend, but the mission gets complicated when Hershel shows up and is caught up in the mission.

Negan saves him and the kid turns a gun on him by saying there's a reason his mom was worried.

Negan tells the kid to lower the gun because people are in trouble and they can settle the score down the line.

Drama mounts as everyone tries to maintain distance from Toby as he throws more people off the building.

Annie and her people are tired of being blamed for the theft of the weapons, which finds Negan protecting them.

Maggie is shocked to learn that Negan is married and Annie is pregnant.

Annie already knows about Negan's past, something that shocks her.

In the end, River Bend is saved and Toby is killed. We learn that Leah stole the weapons.

Back at the Commonwealth, Sebastian sends Rosita and Daryl into a house to find money.

They realize he has sent countless other people in who have died when a woman named April cries for help.

She dies as Carol and Mercer show up to help them.

Mercer kills the two soldiers working for Sebastian.

Carol tells Lance and he says he knows about it and that sometimes, things need to be done to secure the future/

Carol agrees, but leaves with a calculating look on her face.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14 Quotes

Maggie: If anything happens to him…
Negan: It’ll have to happen to me first.

Gabriel: The place we’re living now is different from any place we’ve ever seen.
Lydia: No it isn’t… They’re like the Whisperers, they just wear different masks.”