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Gabriel and Aaron tell Lance their version of events, and it's clear he doesn't believe it.

He takes everyone to Hilltop and tells Maggie to open her doors, but she declines.

Daryl manages to get through to Maggie to let them in and search.

Lance looks around, checks the jeep and says it looks like it has been used recently.

He gets in, but it doesn't start up, and thinks it's an easy fix.

It doesn't work.

Maggie waits with bated breath as everyone else worries about what could happen.

Lance corners Hershel and tries to quiz him about where everyone has been recently, but he doesn't engage.

Lance then shows Glenn's hat and puts it on him and says that it's a perfect fit.

This, in turn, confirms Lance knows the truth.

Elijah corners Lance and threatens to kill him, but he leaves with everyone.

In some shocking scenes, Eugene asks Max to help with the mission to expose the rotten core of the Commonwealth.

Then there's Mercer, who is struggling to come to terms with all of the changes as a result of what has happened since the influx of new people at the location.

What does it all mean?

In the end, Lance and his people find Leah and ask her to join them.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

Lance: Hey. Hershel, right? I'm Lance. Don't know if you remember me. I've heard you've had a pretty exciting life, young man. Taken any exciting trips lately? How about your mom? The last thing I want, Hershel, is for something to happen here, especially to your mom. So I'm gonna need your help. If I can get the truth, I can fix things. That's what I do. But I can't keep people safe if they keep secrets. So I want you to think really hard here. Is there anything you want to tell me?
Hershel: I should probably go get my mom.
Lance: Hey, hold on a second. You're a good kid... brave. And the thing about good kids is... they deserve presents. It's funny. I found this hat all the way back where the bad things happened. Be a shame for a-a nice hat like this to go to waste. [Lance puts the hat on Hershel's head] Huh! I'll be damned. Perfect fit. What are the odds?

Lance: Wait! Hold your fire! We're here to talk. We've come a long way to find you. You were not easy to track down. But since you've caused me more than a handful of trouble, the least you can do is hear what I have to say before you kill us.
Leah: Talk fast.
Lance: My name is Lance Hornsby. And I'm here to offer you a job.