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Rick and Jadis' group head into the Sanctuary lot, where they find no sign of the Saviors. Suddenly, snipers begin to open fire as Rick heads fo cover. Rick yells to Jadis' people for help, but he turns to find them running away and abandoning him.

With Rick pinned down, Carol and Jerry arrive in a vehicle and help Rick escape as they head back to Alexandria.

Enid and Aaron drive to meet with the Oceanside community in an attempt to convince them to help fight Negan. They steal a truck from a dystillery in an attempt to lure the Oceanside members out in the open. As Aaron and Enid stake out the area that night, they notice someone nearby. As they approach, Enid ends up shooting their leader, Natania. Aaron and Enid are subsequently apprehended.

At Alexandria, Carl closes a manhole cover as Michonne approaches. As Carl begins to tell Michonne about Siddiq, the Saviors, having escaped the Sanctuary, arrive as Negan threatens to begin attacking Alexandria if they do not surrender. Carl distracts Negan long enough for most of Alexandria to escape. Negan, now even more irate, tells the Saviors to attack. Carl heads to a house for safety, but the house blows up, tossing Carl to the ground.

As the Saviors burst through Alexandria's gates, Negan plans to go to Rick's house and wait for him.

A group of Saviors show up at the Kingdom looking for Ezekial so he can answer for helping Rick in his revolt against Negan. As the rest of Kingdommers are held at gunpoint, Ezekial uses an explosion as a distraction for the Saviors. When they go to investigate, Ezekial aids the Kingdommers in escaping. Though, Ezekial stays behind - locking himself and the Saviors inside as the Saviors capture him.

More Saviors, led by Simon, set up a roadblock as Maggie and Jesus during their drive. Simon displays a recently captured Jerry, and kills Neil to make an example.

In retaliation, when Maggie arrives back at Hilltop, she kills one of the captive Saviors without hesitation.

Dwight leads some Saviors into a trap headed up by Daryl, Michonne, Tara and Rosita and are able to kill most of the Saviors. However, when Dwight helps kill some of the Saviors himself, but one of the Saviors escapes, knowing that Dwight is the traitor.

The group heads back to Alexandria where RIck shows up as well looking for Carl and Judith. When Rick enters his house, he is ambushed by Negan. After a brief fight, Rick escapes and finds Michonne.

Michonne leads Rick underground to where the rest of the group is hiding. As Rick walks down the tunnel, he finds everyone is alive, and is introduced to Siddiq. However, Rick's relief soon turns to horror as he and Michonne realize that Carl has been bitten.

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