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In the past, Jack wants to create a time capsule. No one is interested.

Marc apologizes and asks Kate if she still loves him. She says she does.

Teens Kevin and Randall bicker on the way to the cabin. Rebecca tells them to stop.

Randall seems reluctant to go to the cabin. Beth thinks it'll do him some good. Randall is worried about keeping Rebecca's secret from Kevin.

Kevin awakens Madison to say goodbye. He explains about the cabin and wonders what they should tell Kate about them. Madison jokes they are falling in love. Madison and Kevin agree that Kate doesn't need to go.

Kate is nervous about leaving the baby with Toby. He thinks they will be fine. Kate says goodbye and the baby cries.

Randall can't find the perfect thing to put in his time capsule.

In the present, Randall sits nervously by a jigsaw puzzle. Kevin and Kate come in. Kevin is glad that Randall is better than he thought. Katenotices Randall's bad hand. 

Nobody wants to talk about their stuff. Kate is excited that Jack had turned their family photo into a jigsaw puzzle. The power goes out and Kevin goes to check the circuit. Kate says she didn't tell Kevin anything. He's going through a lot.

Kevin comes back and a storm is coming in. No signal, no WiFi. Kate freaks out. So does Randall, who wants to check his security cameras and goes.

Rebecca discovers that the road is closed to the cabin because a tree went down. 

Marc tells Kate the place is pretty great.  Maybe they'll have their own cabin someday. Marc goes to get mugs and Kate remembers Jack all of a sudden. He has taken Jack's mug. Kate asks Marc to get another mug. He pretends to drop the mug and then breaks it. He says it was an accident. They start fighting and insulting each other.

In the present, Kate calls Toby and asks him if he is having fun He says give me a chance. Meanwhile, Randall calls Beth and asks her to check the security cameras.

Kate tells Kevin she has some voicemails from Madison. The third voicemail is Madison telling her that she slept with Kevin. Kevin and Kate start to argue. Randall interrupts. He wants to go b ack to Philly because he can't reach Beth but then gets a text from her.

Toby tries to feed Jack and ack begins choking. Toby starts freaking out. Jack begins to cry.

College age Kate goes to bring firewood in and discovers that Marc has locked her out of the cabin.

In the present, Kate is starig out the window. She and Kevin worry about Randall. They tell Randall so. Kate and Kevin start arguig about Madison again. Anyway, Randall insists he's fine. He thinks he's just exhausted. He lets slip he was in LA but says it was a work trip. Kevin is upset Randall didn't come see him. Kevin asks Kate if she knew Randall was in LA. Kate says she did. Kevin wants to know what's going on. Kate says they have to tell him something about Mom

Rebecca asks Jack if he's figured out what he's putting in the time capsule. He hasn't. He is sketching a bigger cabin he wants to build on this land. He knows they can't afford it but... Rebecca believes him.

Rebecca and co make it to the cabin and decide to say they were worried about the storm. Kate says they're just in time for breakfast. Marc isn't particularly glad to see them but offers them pancakes.

Kevin wants someone to tell him what's going on. Randall tells him about the cognitive impairment. Kevin doesn't believe him. He eventually asks if it's Alzheimers. Kevin says he'll find a specialist. Randall says he already did that.  Kevin is upset that no one told him. He storms off.

Kate praises Marc's cooking. Kevin says it's freezing. Kate says she forgot to keep the fire going. Randall notices a broken window. He starts interrogating Kate.He makes Kate take the gloves off and she's all cut. Kevin doesn't believe that. Marc admits he locked Kate out but claims she freaked out and smashed the window before he could let her back in. Randall asks how long Kate was out there. There is a flashback.

Kevin wants to beat Marc up. Rebecca stops him from doing that. She tels Marc to get the hell out.

Toby brings the baby in for a checkup and the doctor says Jack is fine.

Kate is sure Kevin is okay. She sees Rebecca in the puzzle and says that now that she and Rebecca are finally good, this is happening.  She tells Randall doesn't have to take this on alone. They go to get Kevin.

Toby tells baby Jack about Star Wars and makes the sounds.

The Big Three try to dig up the time capsule in a snowstorm. They find it. Kevin had a photo of him and Sophie. Kate had a bunch of notes about who she was going to marry etc. Randall's is the missing puzzle piece.

Randall didn't want to put anything in because he couldn't decide what to put. Kevin gave him the puzzle piece.

Randall admits he has issues with his anxiety. Kevin agrees that Randall should see a therapist.

They find Jack had put his sketch in and Rebecca a tape.The tape has Jack talking about the time capsule. Jack talks about how he threw away his drawing and changed his mind but it was gone, so he knew Rebecca had put it in the capsule.

Younger and older versions of the Bi Three leave the cabin. Kevin has the drawing and imagines Jack's dream  house.

Later, it's the future and Kevin pulls up by the house he has built. It's the scene from before when Rebecca is comatose.


This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Jack: I don't know if you're into this whole thing or if you just like to humor me, but either way, thank you.
Rebecca: What can I say? Either way you're cute.

Jack: Can anyone tell me what this is?
Kate: A lunch box?
Jack: It's not a lunch box.
Kevin: It looks like a lunch box.
Jack: I know it looks like a lunch box, but it's not. It's a time capsule.