Titans Season 3 Episode 7 Review: 51%

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The dynamic between Starfire and Blackfire continues to impress, and it was about time we got some insight into life on Tameron.

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 lifted the lid on the "51%" approach to decision-making on the planet and how it fueled Blackfire's decision to butcher her parents.

The story was tragic, and it was a successful way to characterize Blackfire as this superhero who has always been counted out because she is not the person people wanted on the planet.

Starfire and Blackfire on a Mission - Titans

On an unpredictable note, it's good to know Blackfire knows she can't rule on the planet alone, and if she finds a way to return, there's a good chance her sister might go along for the ride.

Starfire is a character who has played in the gray area on several occasions, so even she could understand her sister's logic in using the Tameron way to wipe out her parents.

Barbara: Congratulations, I'm gonna hit the road. Back at it tomorrow.
Dick: I'll see you out.
Barbara: I know the way. You kids have fun.

Examining the bond between them and Starfire realizing her sister was not the villain she portrayed her to be, well, that was a pivotal moment for them.

Blackfire Chats With Her Sister - Titans Season 3 Episode 7

Even though Starfire hated what her sister became, a part of her wanted to save her life earlier on Titans Season 3, and if they can work together, well, that will make for some fun scenes.

Titans Season 2 painted the sister as this big villain, so it's a nice change of pace to be able to examine the thinking behind what could be perceived to be heinous decisions.

Gar: 300,000 nebulizers destroyed tonight. His whole operation.
Blackfire: And dozens of Gotham's mobsters in jail.
Gar: And a few in the hospital, thanks to Krypto.
Conner: Not a bad night.
Dick: It will be better when we bring down Crane and Jason. They're on their own now. They're getting sloppy. That's when we win. Good work.

It doesn't hurt either that Damaris Lewis is so alluring in the role. I wasn't fond of the character on Titans Season 2, but on Titans Season 3, Blackfire and Starfire are the draws for me.

The rapport between Blackfire and Conner was also a strong point, and I suspect it won't be long before they get together romantically.

Talking About the Past - Titans Season 3 Episode 7

Knox helping the sisters if they delivered her son seemed like a simple enough endeavor, so you can imagine my shock when Knox blew her son's brains out.

it came out of the left-field, but it highlighted how cutthroat the crime families of Gotham are and how far they will go to get what they want.

Dick: One more?
Barbara: I think one's my limit. Thanks, though.
Dick: Okay.

Scarecrow's reign of terror is starting to fizzle out, unfortunately. There was too much of the character in the first half of the season, and his actions are boring at this point.

The Titans needed a win, and watching his little project blow up in his face was satisfying, but it also means the villain will regroup with an even more nefarious plan.

Crisis for Jason - Titans Season 3 Episode 7

Scarecrow is smart. That's not up for debate, but aside from orchestrating Hawk's death, what has he really managed to accomplish?

Yes, the concoction is doing the rounds in Gotham, but when the supplies become constrained, will these people even still be committing crimes?

A big eye-roll moment was when Jason was lured into the false sense of security, only for a chance to be made that immobilized him. His addiction clearly took over, but it was highly predictable.

Hopefully, Gar turning to Molly will result in some good news for Jason. Even though he's not my favorite character, this storyline needs to end.

Fighting in a Group - Titans Season 3 Episode 7

The addition of Oracle was confusing, but the only positive is that it allowed Dick, Conner, and Barbara to get some more intel on Scarecrow's game.

After a whole season of simmering tension between Dick and Barbara, it was about time they gave in to their passion. Nothing is ever easy on this show, so I expect Barbara to be put in harm's way before long.

Starfire: This might sound insane, but I am dying for ice some ice cream.
Blackfire: Did anyone think to grab some when we were at Snowy Cones?
Starfire: Maybe Door Dash. A couple of gallons of Rocky Road?
Conner: I can beat Door Dash.

Scarecrow and Lady Vic will likely deem Barbara to be Dick's weakness, and they will cause a whole world of problems before their reign of terror comes to an end.

The show has continued to erase Starfire's feelings for Dick, which is strange, but maybe they're both in agreement that superheroes getting up close and personal is not the best foot forward.

A New Friend - Titans Season 3 Episode 6

The fight scene in the facility was one of the best of the season. I don't know if COVID-19 is causing problems, but many of the fight scenes have fallen flat of late, but team-up, including Blackfire, was a well-choreographed battle that left me yearning for more.

At the beginning of the season, I wasn't completely sold on the change of pace, but the series is slowly building toward something big while focusing on character development.

Previous seasons put many characters on the backburner for multiple episodes at a time, and the series is finally finding its footing.

The lack of Rachel and Donna continues to be a concern, but I suspect they'll be reintroduced to the narrative when the time is right.

Sisters United? - Titans Season 3 Episode 6

Hopefully, we get a whole episode recounting what happened to them after the end of Titans Season 2. It's hard to imagine Rachel not being successful in her effort to revive Donna.

"51%" was a solid episode that featured breathtaking fight sequences, much-needed character progression, and compelling plots.

The stage is set for a decent conclusion to the season, but will it be able to stick the landing?

What did you think of all the action?

Masking Fear - Titans Season 3 Episode 6

Do you like the addition of Blackfire?

Hit the comments.

Titans airs Thursdays on HBO Max.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Starfire: This might sound insane, but I am dying for ice some ice cream.
Blackfire: Did anyone think to grab some when we were at Snowy Cones?
Starfire: Maybe Door Dash. A couple of gallons of Rocky Road?
Conner: I can beat Door Dash.

Dick: One more?
Barbara: I think one's my limit. Thanks, though.
Dick: Okay.