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Bassam finds out the Americans are giving up their support for the coup. They believe with Tariq out of power and the military under new control the job's done. Bassam is upset.

Fauzi comes through for Bassam and gives him a speech he wrote to encourage calm after the coup transition. Bassam is committed to the takeover and threatens Tucker with exposing US involvement to the New York Times. Tucker calls later and gives go ahead.

Jamal and Bassam go fishing and reminisce about the old days and how their lives could have been different. Jamal stresses he wished he had an easier life.

Emma and her aunt go shopping the morning they are flying out. They get robbed and don't have a way to pay for their meal. The owner threatens them and calls the police. Emma convinces the officer to look her up online that she's an Al-Fayeed. When he does, he panics. Molly had Tucker go look for them when they were late and he finds them. Instead of going to the airport, the American Al-Fayeeds go to the US Embassy.

Jamal knew about Bassam's betrayal and instead of Jamal being taken into custody, Tariq locks up Bassam. Amira begs Jamal to let Bassam and his family return to America.

Jamal kills the co-conspirators, including Nusrat's father. She's also taken away somewhere. Jamal considers what to do about his brother.He considered and  with Tariq and Leila's encouragement he says he'll sentence his brother to death.

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