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Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 2 finds Tom Schwartz asking for a pre-nuptial agreement as he worries about the skyrocketing budget of his upcoming wedding.

Katie and Tom clearly have different definitions of a wedding budget, and it leads to issues between the bride and groom to be. Katie is willing to spend thousands of dollars on flowers, a photographer and the venue, while Schwartz does not think anything will cost over a few hundred. One thing the two can (shockingly) agree on is a prenup.

Meanwhile, Lisa, who has always been vocal about her love for animals, is hosting a charity event to raise money for dogs. Instead of focusing on her event, she is busy comforting Brittany after everyone at SUR continues to talk about her hookup with Kristen. At the event, James tries to apologize to Katie after fat-shaming her, but she is not having it. Lala also plans to be nicer to the group after a meeting with her mom.

Kristen confronts Jax about the rumor and tells him he embellished what he saw. Carter, Kristen and Brittany all try and convince him that the two only shared a kiss, but Jax refuses to back down.

Vanderpump Rules
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