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It's almost time for Clara and Jesse's wedding. Elizabeth always loved the magical quality of weddings. When you find the right person, love and commitment comes easy even when life gets hard.

Rosemary and Leland give to Clara and Jesse an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles.

Bill remains ready to marry the happy couple should Pastor Zeke not arrive on time. Elizabeth assures her that it will be fine.

The rehearsal dinner was perfect, Elizabeth tells Lucas.

Jesse is moving in with Clara after the wedding, only until they build their new home.

Bill and Elizabeth walk talking about her wedding. She hopes Clara and Jesse's wedding is as beautiful as hers was.

Rosemary is preparing for every emergency as Matron of Honor.

Rosemary can't believe that Elizabeth doesn't want to press any flowers from her two bouquets. Elizabeth assures Rosemary that she likes both men and has no intention of hurting either, so until she sorts out her feelings, she will steer clear of romance.

One day out, Clara seems a little less enthusiastic about the wedding.

Nathan catches up with Elizabeth. He wanted a chance to chat with her without kids around. He wants to hear about the flowers. He's not one to shy away from competition, he says, as Florence calls him for a phone call.

One of Elizabeth's students wants to be a Mountie. They start recruiting at 17, so it would mean that her student wouldn't finish his final year.

Pastor Zeke arrives.

Clara looks through old photos from her first marriage.

This is Zeke's first church. He's been a traveling pastor and is happy to have a home.

Bill suggests Clara take the afternoon to get ready for the wedding, but he notices that she's a little sullen. She's thinking of people who won't be there. Like her parents, he wonders? If he had a daughter, he'd want her to be just like Clara.

Elizabeth chats with Robert after class. She wonders why he won't wait until after graduation. He feels he's learned everything he can from school. Robert's mom thinks it's too dangerous.

Elizabeth suggests he talk with Nathan about the life of a Mountie.

Everyone begins to notice that Clara isn't OK. She can't find her mother's earrings for something old.

Nathan likes hearing that Elizabeth thinks being a Mountie is a noble profession. It's about wanting the world to be a better place. What could be wrong with that?

Clara and Jesse have no opinion on the wedding passages. Clara hasn't written vows.

Jesse doesn't care if there is anything that doesn't get done. It's about them, not all of the extras. That doesn't make her any more settled.

Nathan explains to Robert that a Mountie cannot get emotionally involved with a prisoner and must maintain a distance.

Lucas has taken more books to the library. Elizabeth has some, too, and they have a sweet but awkward moment.

The bad guy beats a man down and makes a run for it, so Robert gets to see what Nathan means about maintaining emotional distance.

Elizabeth finally catches a moment with Clara. She knows it's more than just pre-wedding jitters.

Clara pulls her vows out of a drawer. They were her vows from Peter. That's what she found instead of her mother's earrings.

She can't stop thinking about how much it hurt to lose him and wonders what would happen if something happened to Jesse.

The morning of the wedding, Elizabeth gives Clara something borrowed -- her grandmother's necklace. But Clara also found her mother's earrings.

Clara knows that Jack wouldn't want Elizabeth to be alone any more than Peter would want her to be alone.

Lucas and Elizabeth are chatting when Nathan sees them and clenches his jaw.

Robert says he doesn't think Nathan is scared of anything. Elizabeth wants him to take his time making his decision.

Nathan assures Robert that he was scared running after the bad guy, too. But he's taken an oath, and he loves his job. Nathan admits that when he was Robert's age, he was nowhere near ready to become a Mountie.

The ladies help prepare for the wedding, and Bill delivers the bad news. It's raining and will continue through the night.

Rosemary makes the arrangements to move the wedding into the church.

Elizabeth wants a few hours. She has an idea. Rosemary offers her an umbrella.

Elizabeth wants Mike to grab everyone and meet her by the pond. Next is Carson and Molly, and then Nathan. They're bringing the pond to the church.

No, to the saloon!

Clara is blown away when she sees the venue.

Elizabeth thanks Nathan for talking with Robert, and Carson comes up to grab a photo of them.

The cake is beautiful!

The toasts and the dancing and everything is very lovely.

Clara has to toss the bouquet. It's time! That means Elizabeth, too.

It lands right in Elizabeth's hands as Lucas and Nathan are standing beside each other measuring the competition.


When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Lucas: Love certainly is special.
Elizabeth: You sound like a hopeless romantic.
Lucas: More like a hopeful one.

When you find the right person, love and commitment comes easy even when life gets hard.