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Lucas returns Elizabeth's latest chapters, and their conversation is interrupted at the front door of the school when Nathan wanders up. The two men being there makes Elizabeth take a moment once she's inside the classroom.

Bill is very happy that Clara quit her job at the saloon.

At school, Elizabeth notices that Opal is scratching her arm. Upon investigation, Elizabeth gets a worried look on her face.

Carson assesses that there is a good chance every kit will catch it. The only person in town who has any immunity is Allie.

Carson prefers that Elizabeth keeps little Jack away from anybody who may be contagious in the hope he doesn't get it until he's a little older.

Henry is under attack for selling subpar crude oil.

Lucas wants a jury. It doesn't buy much time, but they get a little.

The girl who watches Little Jack had chickenpox. When Elizabeth leaves the house, she runs into Rosemary, who never had them. That makes Little Jack off-limits to her.

The contagion period of chickenpox is only two days. That's a much better option than Coronavirus.

Rosemary has the virus.

Leland saw her consternation out of his window and goes to help.

Word of chickenpox is moving through town like fire, and Bill begins to round up citizens to contend for the jury.

When Elizabeth worries over the elderly to Nathan, Lucas overhears and offers to assist Nathan reach out to the neighbors.

Opal hopes Elizabeth will come by more often to read her homework assignment.

Lucas and Nathan butt heads over "the town."

Bill is having a hard time finding enough people to form a jury.

Rosemary is scratching all over. She's in agony.

Leland gives her a book, and Rosemary proceeds to use it to scratch her book.

When she keeps scratching, Leland smacks her pox with the book. And if anyone had chickenpox, then you know a slap does the trick!

Henry asks Nathan for help with his case.

At least one of the kids only has a rash. Yay!

Carson and Faith are taking care of the town the day before Faith leaves. She needs to pack.

Nathan chats with Elizabeth about helping Henry, and she's so pleased that Henry is getting some help. She reminds Nathan that people do change, and the old Henry might not have been on the up and up, but she has Faith in Henry.

Leland has trouble keeping Rosemary in bed.

Rosemary thinks she's tricked Leland into allowing her to wander around the house. She's not taking Carson's advice seriously.

Everyone in town is running from Bill. It's worse than the chickenpox!

They're all quite terrible at the jury selection questions.

Nathan visits the guy about oil. The fellow has crude tests proving that Henry's oil is very low grade.

Nathan doesn't just take the guy's word for the sulfur content even after seeing test results.

Laura goes to Elizabeth's to take after Little Jack, and Elizabeth offers to pay her still even if she's not needed. It works out, as Elizabeth can sit with Rosemary while Laura watches Jack.

Nathan finds the guy who gets the crude for tests. He then learns that it goes through the foreman to get to the lab.

One of the guys dealing with the tests had their own oil business that went out of business about a month ago.

The jury is Kevin, Florence, Molly, Clara, Ned and someone else I don't know.

When the guy says he's never done anything underhanded, Nathan calls him out on it by drafting his son into the conversation.

Deliberately falsifying test results is a criminal matter.

Good job, Nathan!

Dad cops the truth. He sent the lab the wrong samples. But Nathan knows it was the son, and he calls him out on that.

Rosemary is down and out. She won't eat. Elizabeth is going to have to push her to do what's in her best interests.

Elizabeth feels her forehead, and Florence runs into the infirmary. Rosemary has a high fever. They need her right away.

Rosemary's fever is 105.

Faith is missing her stagecoach. Carson begs the guy to wait five more minutes. He leaves.

Leland arrives to get Carson. He's the house doctor ambulance.

Faith gave Rosemary aspirin. Carson tries to get her to drink. She's probably dehydrated!

They need to do submersion therapy. Leland runs off to get ice from Lucas.

The next morning, Leland is alone with Rosemary. Concern is written all over his face.

Nathan reports what he found to the people involved. Henry has no desire to press charges.

Henry cut prices when first in business. That drove the man out of business. I'm so disappointed!

The jury arrives so excited to get to business. Except for Ned, who didn't want any part of it.

Rosemary wakes to Leland, sleeping on the chair beside her. He's so happy she's awake.

Carson has plans for Faith to get to Chicago in just enough time to get to her 9 am class on Monday. He needs her beside him and with a medical degree.

Rosemary counts her lucky stars for having such a great husband and wonderful friends.

And she's finally hungry!

Everyone is heading to the stagecoach to see off Faith.

Clara notices that Bill is upset the trial was canceled.

Lucas confronts Henry. He may not be illegal, but he's borderline unethical. When Henry balks, it distresses Lucas. Lucas wonders where he draws the line, and Henry indicates they're not even close. Nathan thinks Elizabeth's loyalty to her friends is admirable.

Elizabeth delivers to Faith stationery to write back home. Bill made her sandwiches. Clara goes in for a hug. Carson assures her that it will go by quickly.

They'll do the long-distance thing, but their love will keep them together.

Still. Carson looks so sad! Inside her book is the photo of her and Carson.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Elizabeth: Well, there's nothing quite like unconditional love.
Lucas: You deserve nothing less.

Rosemary: Chickenpox?
Florence: You've never had them before?
Rosemary: I was one of the lucky ones.
Carson: Rosemary, chickenpox for adults can be very dangerous, so this needs to be taken seriously.