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FreedomAlls are balloon pants for women in some sort or another. Clara has them in the dress shop. Rosemary wistfully says that maybe someday, Clara will take over the shop.

Elizabeth confides in Rosemary that she doesn't feel right about everything that went down with Nathan, although she's happy she made it. Elizabeth is keeping her distance from Lucas because of the burden Helen placed on her.

Lucas wants to call his father to see if he'll visit Helen to cheer her up.

It's going to be a few more weeks for Bill to finish up the adoption papers, and Nathan decided against the land Bill was selling.

Superintendant Hargraves comes to the valley to discuss last year's shooting with Nathan. There is to be another inquiry, and Nathan's career as a Mountie is at stake.

Molly and Florence are spying on the men out the window. Molly wants to buy Bill something for his birthday. But what do you get a man who has everything but a wife?

Lee also shipped a chair from South America.

Lucas is sitting in Fiona's chair. He gives her a great tip.

Jesse finds a motorcycle outside of his house. He's so excited!

Lucas and Lee are at the well. It's been nothing but trouble since Henry said they should drill. Mike thinks they should drill another 50 feet, but Lucas isn't so sure. Rosemary is appalled to see Jesse on the motorcycle. Lee is having him drive it somewhere, and Rosemary never wants to see that unsafe thing again.

Elizabeth and Helen are editing. Helen confirms that Constable Grant is a suitor. Elizabeth denies the charge, and Helen calls her out on it. She feels deeply, and by her writing, she knows Elizabeth knows her feelings.

Henry apologizes to Ned, but Florence is happy to see him there, too. Henry delivers her some flowers by way of apology.

Clara and Jesse argue about the motorcycle. Jesse tries to use the saving money argument, but Clara doesn't buy it.

Bill consults with Nathan about his predicament.

Lucas is considering shutting down the entire drilling operation if the well doesn't come in soon. Just then, the well starts to react. Oil!! And then it's fire, and then it explodes. OMG.

Clara is beside herself, and Helen freaked out about Lucas. Henry, though, is angry, it seems.

Mike and Lucas were knocked to the ground, but they're OK. They don't know how to put out the fire.

They need to fight fire with fire. They need a lot of dynamite.

Fiona is on the scene, ready to go to work.

Ned keeps asking, how close do we need to get?

They push and run, and the fire is exhausted. OMG. Is Fiona the new Abigail??

Lucas is looking for Helen. She says he's all she has left, and he says she's being dramatic. When Lucas says he tried calling father, she'll give him a call.

Everyone is fussing over Mike.

Henry gets good news in the mail today.

Florence fusses over Ned. He's not feeling well, and he won't go to the doctor. Their hands touch while she helps him. Awww.

Eager just a few weeks ago to work with Lucas again, Henry has to think about it now.

Lee cannot find the perfect place for his chair and won't sit in it until he gets the brace off his back.

Jesse is still zipping it up on the motorcycle. He declares that he wants to buy it and lies about Clara's approval.

Ned gets his ankle checked out at the doctor. Carson is pretty concerned and overrides Faith's diagnosis, which doesn't make her happy.

Elizabeth heads into town to talk to Bill while Rosemary watches Little Jack. LJ almost sits in Lee's chair, so she shoos him away. But then she sits in it, really reveling in it before it falls apart.

Elizabeth is worried about Nathan and butts herself into the thing. Bill says it's all highly unusual, but he's going to keep digging.

Lucas knows about his father and that Elizabeth hid it from him. It's not her fault, but they don't end their conversation peacefully.

Fiona is the person to be sought when there are relationship troubles, but Clara and Faith never talk with her before leaving together to have cake.

Lee misses his grandfather's woodworking and recalls building his first chair that looked just like the one that broke. He doesn't like that he doesn't make anything.

Elizabeth is playing with Jack and a Mountie when Helen visits. Helen wonders if it's Constable Grant. No, her late husband.

Helen apologizes to Elizabeth for putting her in such a bad position. Just as Elizabeth can't be anything but honest, Helen doesn't know how to be anything but how she is. Elizabeth wonders if she shows her vulnerable side to her husband.

She advises Helen that she needs to be herself.

When Little Jack embraces Helen, she reaches out for him with a warm hug.

Faith tries to tell Carson that she experienced the same thing in Chicago. She was constantly asked her opinion without being heard. He tries to pull the conversation until a later time, but she won't have it.

Rosemary has set up a workshop in her special place in the backyard.

Jesse runs out of gas far away from home.

Nathan seems to be hiding something from Bill.

Lucas says goodbye to his mother.

Elizabeth wants to speak with him, but he's not ready to speak with her.

Helen is going home, hoping to reconcile with her husband.

Lucas doesn't understand how someone loses love. Elizabeth says that love has to be fought for, and maybe she has to be the one to reach out first. He says, what would you know about it? And she says it's cruel. But Nathan and Lucas are in the street together, putting Elizabeth right in the middle.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Elizabeth: I haven't been very focused. I'm sorry.
Helen: You have the gift of understatement.

I know that I made the right choice not to be with Nathan. But I don't know that I made the choice TO be with Lucas.