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Elizabeth finds Lucas in the library, asleep on a table. He spent the night there.

She's not too pleased with him, although he seems contrite for what he said, offering to help with books for the Canfields.

They speak momentarily about Nathan's investigation, which doesn't go over well.

Elizabeth arrives at the Canfields with her gift. She introduces herself to Joseph and asks after their children, Angela and Cooper. Minnie comes out to say hello, too. Cooper will be attending school, but not Angela, who is blind.

Minnie gets a little crusty when Elizabeth says Angela is welcome at school anytime.

Susannah and Rachel arrive to visit with Rosemary and Lee.

Bill is testifying.

Carson and Faith talk about their situation as he's off to do a surgery elsewhere, when Molly walks in, embarrassed.

Faith doesn't know if she and Carson are working things out or not.

Jesse and Mike deliver some items to the barbershop.

Allie is worried about Nathan.

Allie spills the beans that Nathan got suspended from Fort Clay and asked for a transfer here.

Elizabeth pushes herself on the Canfields regarding Angela.

The Mountie is asking inappropriate questions to the case, and Bill gets irate.

Rosemary finds Susannah joyless and strict, which she had forgotten.

Elizabeth shares what she learned about Nathan with Rosemary.

Nathan admits to Bill he disobeyed orders getting himself suspended.

He also admits that he never had the honor of meeting Jack nor has he told Elizabeth he was stationed at Fort Clay.

The chef at the hotel chastises Lucas because he didn't buy mushrooms, and that's what everyone wants to eat.

Rachel wants to be an actress. She seems smitten with Rosemary's past. It doesn't go over well.

Clara has ice cream, but Jesse didn't have his wallet, so he didn't get any.

They're still dealing with the motorcycle repairs as well as not sharing the expense before buying the motorcycle.

Lee wants to get away from Susannah. They're both walking on eggshells around her. Rosemary wants to help Rachel thrive.

The Canfields listen to Cooper talking with the class, and Minnie gets annoyed easily.

Angela wants to talk about this. She wants to spend time children her age. They moved here because Angela was treated poorly before, and Joseph thought Hope Valley would be different.

Bill interjects in the case by smashing his knee on the desk so that everyone looks his way.

Molly is buying a dress, and Rachel does her best to sell it. Has Rosemary found a family member to leave the shop with in the future?

Jesse and Elizabeth ride home with Cooper to find Angela playing the piano.

Elizabeth and Minnie chat.

Rachel returns home wearing the women's overalls and makeup. Susannah demands she change and wash her face. A family argument erupts.

An angry Bill storms past Molly without noticing how pretty she looks. She will still join Florence for dinner. After all, she knows that with Bill, it's all about the long game.

Susannah does have something she wants to ask. She wants them to take Rachel under their wing.

Rosemary is thrilled, and Lee is nonplussed.

Allie is storming to the proceedings, and Elizabeth joins her.

Her teary-eyed statement changes the opinion of the other fellow.

Elizabeth and Allie greet Nathan as he comes out of the proceedings while Lucas watches from afar.

Susannah says goodbye to Rachel, leaving her in the care of his brother and his wife.

Carson returns with an inscribed medical bag for Faith.

It's the most romantic gift he could have given to her.

Bill strolls past Florence and Molly, commenting to Molly that it was one heck of a dress.

Elizabeth reaches out to Lucas, apologizing and telling him that she is not seeing Nathan any longer. As for what that means for them, they'll have to wait and see.

Seconds later, Nathan rides up, and Elizabeth asks about Fort Clay. Nathan lies about never meeting Jack.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Elizabeth: Nathan, why didn't you mention to me that you were stationed at Fort Clay? Allie told me.
Nathan: I meant to. So much time passed. I didn't know how.
Elizabeth: Did you ever meet Jack?
Nathan: No.

Bill: He wants your badge, you know.
Nathan: He can have it.
Bill: Well, talking like that won't do you any good.