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Dolls and Wynonna barge into Mercedes' house looking for Tucker.  Dolls doesn't find Tucker. Wynonna wants to watch over Mercedes and her sister.

After they leave, Wynonna feels that Mercedes wasn't Mercedes She thinks something is wrong.

Mercedes throws Constance's skull nto the fireplace. 

A couple of guys talk about Doc and that he'll pay for his crimes. 

Jeremy gives pictures to Waverly about the ghost sisters. Doc and Dolls brings a doctor to look at Wynonna.

The kid from earlier visits Doc who outside the house smoking.Someone's coming for Doc.

Wynonna isn't sure if Doc is the father and her and Waverly discuss it.  Doc comes inside and asks Waverly how things are going. Wynonna doesn't tell Doc that he might not be the father, only that they doctor wants genetic testing. Doc takes off. Waverly doesn't know Wynonna didn't tell him.

Dolls and Jeremy are staking out Mercedes' house. 

Waverly goes to Shorty's to talk to Doc and lets it slip that the baby might not be hers. Doc is not happy.

Nicole and Waverly are at Pussy Willows, a strip club where the other potential father is a bouncer. Turns out he's a revenant. She relates the story to Nicole about how it happened.

Doc is at the police station gathering a bunch of guns when Dolls come in. he congratulates him about the baby. Dolls won't let him take the guns.

Jonas shows himself to Wynonna because he thinks she's there to kill him.

Jeremy is in the lab with Dolls and Doc to capture the toxin from the dress fragment he got from the ghost sisters. Jeremy bound the three of them together and Doc can't leave.

Jonas wants another date with Wynonna and she shows her pregnancy. Nicole shoots out the lights and they take off.

Back at the lab, the cowboy captures Doc but he can't leave because he's bound to the other three. The cowboy is a phantom and only Dolls can punch him out.

Wynonna and Nicole take off. Jonas comes out and wants to know if the baby is his. He thinks they started a new race. Wynonna is going to shoot him when Waverly knocks him out with the car door. Nocle tells Waverly the news about Jonas.

Back at the station, Doc tells Dolls why the bounty hunter cowboy is after him. Doc tells Dolls that he might not be the father. The cowboy shows up again. When Jeremy runs out they run into a whole ghost cavalry.

The phantom cowboy/marshall tells Doc his sentence is death for trying to have sex with a judge's wife. Dolls defends him and tries to calm the situation down and takes over being the senior cop in the situation. The ghosts give Doc up and they leave.

The girls have Jonas in a field. He insults her up and down. Wynonna shoots Jonas and sends him to hell. 

Waverly tells Wynonna that she told Doc it might not be his. Waverly tells Wynonna that she might not be an Earp at all.





Wynonna Earp
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