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Waverly and Wynonna practice fighting to prepare for the battle with the widow sisters.

Doc goes into an antique shop for a drink. The guy shows him a picture of the homestead. Doc says he'll come back for it. Turns out that the curator of the shop was killed by a devil.

Dolls gives Rosita a gift certificate to a spa for helping him out. 

Rosita and Wynonna talk about the baby coming up. She asks Wynonna if she's going to go drug-free. Doc shows up. It's a bit uncomfortable as Doc goes out to dinner with Wynonna and blows off Rosita.

Nicole tells Waverly, Dolls and Jeremy about a dead body she's found. The dead body is Tucker.

His sister is there (not Mercedes). She tells a story and wants to take him home then she passes out.

Waverly is there when she wakes up. Wayhaught have a fight.

Doc gives Wynonna the picture he got from the antique shop and it's very dark, not anything like he saw in the shop. He's at her place having dinner that he's not enjoying. He seems to know more than she does about the baby.

Wynonna tells him that he's got the third seal.

Waverly is at the bar drinking. Rosita comes up with a plan to take Waverly to the spa instead of Doc.

Wynonna tells Doc she's going to break the third seal then kill the big bad Sheriff Clootie.

Rosita and Waverly are at the spa enjoying drinks. It's awkward. Waverly finally relaxes and they have fun.

Doc is not keen on giving Wynonna the ring, but she is trying to convince him otherwise. She tells him it was Bobo who left him in the well. Doc gets angry and leaves.

Beth Gardner casts a spell to learn where the ring is and leaves her house.

Dolls and Jeremy work on finding the widow sisters.

Doc tries to leave the homestead, but Wynonna prevents him. Then they hear something in the house and investigate.

Waverly and Rosita are talking about their pasts. Waverly tells her that she's not an Earp. Nicole is texting her and Waverly ignores her until she sends a horrible text. After a little more conversation, Waverly kisses Rosita. 

When goes to talk to Rosita, she finds Tucker over Rosita's body. He tells her he's there to save her from his sisters.

Dolls and Jeremy are at the Gardener's house.

Rosita is dead and Tucker takes Waverly for a walk. She asks to be let go, but he refuses.

Wynonna and Doc fight about the ring.

Tucker tells Waverly his story. He also tell her that Mercedes and Beth are the widow sisters.

Dolls discovers the real sisters downstairs when he breaches the house. Then he's locked in.

Waverly convinces Tucker to let her call Wynonna.

One of the widow sisters is downstairs with Dolls. 

Tucker is about to take Waverly somewhere when Rosita shows up and knocks him out. Turns out she's a REVENANT.

Mercedes is still looking for Dolls. Jeremy shows up in the basement and Mercedes gets away.

Doc takes the ring and throws it at Wynonna but instead the creepy doll from the picture catches it. Wynonna kills the doll and she retrieves the ring. She tells Doc she's not going to break the ring until after the baby is born and they make a deal. Then the picture Doc gave her starts on fire.

Meanwhile, Tucker is looking for Waverly. Beth finds him and frezes him then feeds on him.

Mercedes is performing a ritual to find the third seal and it's revealed to her. Now both sisters now.

Rosita and Waverly are back at the bar. They toast. Rosita wants to know if she's going to tell Wynonna. Waverly tells her no and then shares with her that she thinks she's half revenant.

Mercedes shows up at Nicole's house.






Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Wynonna: Sorry I was a no show.
Rosita: Just try not to miss the actual birth.
Wynonna: Can I do that?
Rosita: Physically impossible.
Wynonna: Figure it out, slacker. I thought you were good.
Rosita: Oh, I'm phenomenal.

With a great belly comes great responsibility.