Jeremy Explains it All
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Waverly is dressed in a cheerleading outfit doing a cheer in front of Nicole. Nicole is very impressed.

Wynonna comes home and Nicole leaves. Wynonna talks about Doc and everything going on.

At the high school an athlete is looking at the trophy case when there's an evil voice and the guy pulls out his heart. Nicole is on the scene with Nedley. he wants to pass it off to Black Badge. The guy who died was a star hockey player. Wynonna is there. She's taking pictures.

Doc has reopened the bar. Rosita is there as the bartender when Wynonna shows up looking for Doc. Mercedes is calling her from the other side of the bar then they are doing shots together.  

Mercedes calls over Perry, a guy from high school. Perry talks with Wynonna for a while then she leaves. Perry asks Mercedes for her number.

Wynonna runs into Doc and tells him about the case. 

Back at the station, Jeremy is giving Wynonna the lowdown on what he's found so far. 

Wynonna gets a call from Perry and asks Wynonna out for a date and they make plans. When they hang up Perry finishes a ritual with exsanguinating a dead rabbit.

Wynonna is at home getting ready for her date as she tells Waverly about it. Perry arrives by beeping the horn. Wynonna passes off her lipstick and when she leaves Waverly eats it with black demon eyes.

Perry takes Wynonna to the game and the rally beforehand where Mercedes is giving a speech. Perry runs off after it's over. Wynonna follows.

Wynonna wants to talk to Perry about the dead guy when another guy comes in hysterical and being suspicious.

Waverly shows up and Wynonna tells her she suspects Perry. Waverly is waiting for Nicole and doesn't want to help Wynonna. They fight and Waverly goes inside while Wynonna leaves.

Inside, Waverly goes dark eyes when she sees the trophy then kisses Nicole passionately. Nicole is not happy and tells Waverly not to kiss her in public when she's in uniform. A guy has taken a picture and Nicole arrests him after he refuses to hive her the phone.

Wynonna goes to Perry's place and sees the guy from earlier. The evil genie thing comes rushing at Skip and Wynonna and almost has Skip pulling his guts out when Wynonna gets distracted from shooting it and it gets away. Skip also runs.

Nedley lets the camera guy go and Nicole is not happy. Nedley puts Nicole on desk duty.  Wynonna is trying to make coffee when Nicole comes in. She asks Wynonna if she notices any changes in Waverly. She says she's noticed things since Willa was killed. Wynonna thinks Nicole is making a big deal because Waverly kept her out of Black Badge.

Wynonna is meeting with Waverly and Doc about what she's found so far. There's a knock on the door. It's Perry. Doc knocks him out. 

Waverly discovers that Perry wasn't summoning anything to attack his fellow teammates, he's trying to summon protection for them.

When he wakes up Perry tells them everything that happened when he was in high school. The coach gave them a spell to get them to start winning. It's a thing that appeared in the trophy case and gave them whatever they wanted. They basically made deals with the devil. All of them really did well, but now the thing is back.

The team goes out to find the new demon thing. Doc thinks if they hold onto the demon instead of killing it they can save Dolls. Doc admits that he's working to save Dolls from whatever is wrong with him.

Doc and Perry come across a crime scene whether another teammate killed himself. Tucker approaches Waverly about Nicole. She flashes her demon eyes at him and then chokes him almost to death before pulling a bracelet off him.

She gets a call from Doc and tells him she knows where Skip is.

Wynonna shows up at the high school and demands they give her the trophy from the case. She gets into a fight and wins and ends up with the trophy.

Skip is in a cell when the thing shows up to try to kill Skip. Nicole is thrown around by it and is about to kill her when Doc comes in and shoots it. Perry chases after it and locks Wynonna out. Perry tries to do some spell to make it go away but it takes control of Perry and tries to get him to take his insides out. Wynonna is going to shoot him but Doc convinces her not to.The thing gets back into the trophy. 

Skip and Perry are okay. Before Perry leaves he and Wynonna kiss. 

Nicole is cleaning up the mess when Nedley comes in and tells her the truth about Purgatory and it's monsters. Nedley tells her he wants her to be sheriff when he retires. She's excited about it and he allows her to interfere with BBD investigations. Then he gives her a file about the long game.

Tucker is telling Mercedes about Waverly's weird power. Tucker and Mercedes are siblings. She wants Tucker to leave Waverly and Wynonna alone. Tucker expresses his displeasure and tells Mercedes he hates her. There's family money involved.

The sister ghosts show up and kill Mercedes.

Wynonna and Waverly are back at the homestead. Waverly doesn't remember about the lipstick. Wynonna notices something strange about Waverly when she looks at teh trophy, but passes it off. Waverly is stealing a shaker. Why is she stealing things?

Doc is telling Rosita to watch out when she confronts the demon for the ingredients it needs for the Dolls serum. Wynonna shows up with the trophy. Her and Doc talk about the serum and how to get it to Dolls. 

Waverly is with Dolls in the cabin. She's acting crazy. She's put all her stolen items next to Dolls. Dolls sees her black eyes and screams.


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