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Wynonna finds Waverly outside in a daze. Waverly had picked up dog tags and was on her way to the shed. They go back inside the house. Dolls is still in the shed. He calls out for Wynonna.

A guy goes into the bakery looking for the bathroom. Another man and woman come in right after looking for the guy. He's got a briefcase they want and they chop off his hand to get it and leave the restaurant. The woman is a demon. The cafeteria lady knew what was going on.

Lucado asks Wynonna for help regarding the briefcase heist. Waverly volunteers.

Doc and Rosita are working on Dolls' drugs and get close. There's heat there.

Wynonna visits with Nicole and they talk about Waverly. They both know there's something going on with her. Wynonna finds the dog tags in her coat and runs to the shed where she finds Dolls all animal-like. He attacks her but Wynonna pulls out the peacemaker and he backs down. He recognizes her. He wants her to leave because he can't control it, but she knocks him out.

Waverly breaks into a club for the job. A woman thinks that Waverly is the entertainment. She's going to have to sing.

Wynonna gets Dolls to Shorty's, but the medicine still isn't ready. Dolls tells Wynonna about Waverly.

Mercedes is alive. Her brother is berating her. She's acting strange. She tells her brother to go play with someone else and he leaves. Then a woman screams.

Wynonna asks Jeremy for help. He heads over to Shorty's while Wynonna goes to Ba-Ding to get Waverly.

Waverly is at the club providing singing entertainment. The guy from earlier shows up with the woman and the briefcase. They meet with another guy then leave. After her set, she leaves. Lucado is outside listening.

Waverly finds the guys who are negotiating about the briefcase. The first guy shoots the other and Waverly calls Lucado for help. Wynonna shows up looking for Waverly. They are caught by the cafeteria guy and the woman. They're taken hostage. The woman has Wynonna's peacemaker.

The guy wants to know what's in the case.

Jeremy shows up at Shorty's before Rosita gives Dolls a deadly dose.

Waverly and Wynonna try to break out of their ropes. Waverly tells Wynonna there's something wrong with her. Wynonna tells Waverly they need to get out of their situation first and then they can talk about what's going on. They try to get Siri to call Doc, but the phone tries to call Holiday Inn instead. Haha.

Tucker shows up at the police station and tells Nicole that her sisters are acting weird. He tells her about Waverly almost choking him to death. Tucker threatens her.

Briefcase man comes back. He cuts off Waverly's hand before Wynonna can save her. He wants to know the code for the briefcase or he'll let Waverly die. Doc shows up in the club to save them. Wynonna gets Waverly out of where they were trapped. Briefcase man confronts them again and Wynonna shoots him.

Jeremy tells Rosita that he doesn't really know the formula. She gets a little frisky with him. He makes it clear he's not into girls.

Briefcase man is still alive as Wynonna and Waverly make their way out of the club, but Doc saves them.

Jeremy goes for lattes and Rosita has the medicine in a syringe. He takes the syringe from her and injects himself. It's way too powerful and he tells her to run which she does.

Wynonna wants to get Waverly to the doctor ASAP to repair her hand, but Waverly's hand grew back.

Breifcase man shows up at Shorty's even though Doc has the briefcase. He wants it back and orders Wynonna to put the briefcase and peacemaker on the pool table. Dolls comes out of the basement and sets briefcase man on fire. It seems that Dolls is back to normal.

Wynonna sends briefcase man to hell with the peacemaker. 

Tucker returns home. Mercedes tells him they are going to nurture his prowess. The ghosts took over the bodies. They want his help and will give him anything he wants.

Waverly and Wynonna take the briefcase back to the homestead and open it. It's a plate. Wynonna wants to talk about what happened and Waverly turns into Gooverly.  Gooverly kisses Wynonna and the demon transfers to Wynonna.




Wynonna Earp
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