Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 10 Review: The Other Woman

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On Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 10, Wynonna and Waverly race against the clock to find a way to defeat Bulshar, but their only way out may be one for the worse.

Well, this was quite the doozy of an episode! With an almost perfect mix of spot-on humor and dead serious drama, the two separate plotlines made for a solid amount of story without sacrificing the flow.

I'll admit that at first, I was very afraid that Kevin would turn into a complete deus ex machina, and I was rather disappointed in the shortsighted storytelling.

Knowing Too Much - Wynonna Earp

However, Kevin actually appeared in much less of the episode than I expected and simply guided th Earps (also in somewhat the wrong direction!). I still have some questions about the context of her character, but the device wasn't as rough as I thought.

Kat Barrell does an outstanding job of balancing all of Nicole's different roles this episode, from Maeve's possessed form to completely and utterly distraught after Doc kills Charlie.

There's something pure and wholesome about seeing the Earp sisters back together -- they have such chemistry in a way that no other pairing does.

Wynonna: I don't take notes from someone wearing an oven mitt.
Waverly: It's a precaution!
Wynonna: It’s fugly.

I think that's something from how the characters were set up in Season 1, so props to the writers. We really get to go back to the Earp sisters' roots and see them at play (did you see that high-five?) but also see them support in each other as they bare their souls.

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Characters such as Robin and Jeremy were used the perfect amount -- they supported the main plotlines without bombarding them, but they also coalesced with the stories in an authentic way. 

Kevin: You drink too much.
Wynonna: Mmhm.
Kevin: You couldn’t find your ass with a map.
Wynonna: Where is it?
Kevin: And you are literally our only hope.

Robin's jazz moment with Bobo was so tender in a way that I've never seen before, and even Jeremy had his little comedic moment with Maeve. Plus, we were dropped more juicy info about Jeremy -- he's not completely human! (Season 4, anybody?)

Waverly: What do we have?
Jeremy: Uh, each other?
Waverly: Squat!
Jeremy: And, and… really great calves! Both of us!

Second Choice - Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 10

Mercedes' inclusion was also fun but also placed in a way that furthered the plot. The scenes in Mercedes' house were delightfully chaotic and Mercedes' huge ego just pushed the boundary of how far this show likes to present its humor.

Plus, it helped to cement Mercedes' place in the world and drew in so many different strings -- Kate living in the house, Mercedes' Season 2 experience with one of the widows, and the ring.

Maeve: You are Wyatt Earp’s boyfriend!
Doc: Yeah, fine.

The ring is getting more and more strange, but now we've confirmed that the ring is actually Julian's, and Bulshar stole it. This thankfully clears up the ring's attraction to Waverly, although it still leaves questions about why Bulshar wanted it.

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Waverly is finally also given the spotlight -- she's the chosen one, the Champion! However, it's not as peachy as she would've hoped (poor Waverly).

It's interesting that Waverly is finally the savior here. Yet Wynonna is still the protagonist of the show and in many ways, she's the one making the choice and the one with the hard decision.

Earp Sisters Back in Action - Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 10

Waverly can theoretically say yes to turning to stone, but Wynonna simply won't let her. It's up to Wynonna to save Waverly and also the free world at large.

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Even though Wynonna is the heir, the Earp sisters together must break the curse -- Wynonna with Peacemaker and the revenants, and Waverly with the ring and Bulshar. Wynonna Earp has also been a team effort, and the Earp sisters are at the core of that.

Wynonna: And your name’s Kevin?
Kevin: Did I stutter?

Whether it's drawing from that innate level of familial love, intimacy, and humor that has cemented this show -- or dumping in fresh new twists to the story, Wynonna Earp is always at its best.

The ring controls the arm! It's like playing Wii! I'm really good at Wii!


Wynonna and Waverly's dilemma is very nicely set-up for the two-hour finale. They're in a place where they have a tough choice to make, and Bulshar has been built up enough (mind games, anyone?) to be a formidable enemy.

New Woman - Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 10

The team now has one goal, and that's to defeat Bulshar. Everything else has almost perfectly aligned to support this goal -- we now know how Waverly and Julian tie in as well as the forest (although how did Wynonna actually know about Bulshar turning people to trees?).

Waverly: We know Bulshar has some kind of power over the woods.
Jeremy: Yeah, that guy would kill on Tinder.
Waverly: Like if The Giving Tree had sex with a Stephen King story.

Here's to hoping that Mama Earp and Kate make appearances next episode. It would be a great way to tie up loose ends as well as give characters more last hurrahs as Bulshar is (hopefully) defeated.

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What are you most looking forward to in the two-hour season finale? Will Wynonna find a way to defeat Bulshar without sacrificing Waverly? Will Doc come back to the good side?

Will Kate return? Let us know in the comments!

The Other Woman Review

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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Waverly: We know Bulshar has some kind of power over the woods.
Jeremy: Yeah, that guy would kill on Tinder.
Waverly: Like if The Giving Tree had sex with a Stephen King story.

Waverly: What do we have?
Jeremy: Uh, each other?
Waverly: Squat!
Jeremy: And, and… really great calves! Both of us!