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Joe fails to sexually satisfy Beck, and both of them are in bed and don't know what to say about it.

Beck gets her first voice over.

Beck takes her phone to the bathroom so she can reply to a text, and its from someone she calls The Captain. She's supposed to meet him out of town for a few days. He sends her money.

Joe checks the other phone and sees the messages.

Joe also reads the messages where Beck tells all of her friends about how poorly he performed sexually. He wants to make things up to her.

Beck tells Peach she is going to a writers convention. Peach is dealing with a bed bug infestation.

Beck goes to a motel to meet the captain. Joe takes off from work and follows her there. He sees her greet a man dressed in period clothes. It's her father.

She dresses up too and they go to a Dickens festival where they meet up with his second family who aren't receptive to Beck.

Beck has to go through the motions even though shes feeling judged by her super Christian stepmother because her father gives her money.

Her stepsister tells her that the Farber will cut beck off because the stepmother is pregnant.

Peach visits Joe's bookstore and figures out that Joe is there with Beck. She calls and tells Beck.

Beck bumps into him and he lies at first and tells her he was there for work but then admits he followed her.

He meets her father, and they all have dinner together but things get heated when Beck and her stepmother argue. Beck leaves and when Joe catches up to her, he tells her she should not be so hard on her father. She gets mad at Joe.

Beck writes about her father. It's a good story and Blythe liked it. Beck goes to Joe's apartment and they make up. They have sex again, and this time its great.

Her friends are happy except for Peach. Joe returns Peach's book to her bookshelf. She doesn't know what to think when she finds it.

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YOU Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Ugh, Beck. You're a disaster.

Beck Voiceover

What was that, eight seconds? Oh yeah, he has that Trump just took Pennsylvania look. Say something. Say, it happens all the time, NBD. No, you'll sound like a slut. You could say let's order food and move past it.

Beck Voiceover