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There is a picture of Josh in the paper with Greta. Even Diana feels bad. She takes Liza to lunch. They sit in a power booth.

Jackie Dunn is invited to the Young Professionals Society mixer.

Kelsey is planning her wedding. Lauren is planning the planning. There will be an entire team, apparently.

At the mixer, Liza finds out Thad is probably screwing his assistant. For some reason she's shocked by that.

Liza goes to dinner with her daughter and ex. Why do they bring him in right after losing Josh?

Surprisingly, David really can play the accordion.

Daughter leaves her birthday dinner and that means David and Liza are left together. David then says how much he misses being a family. They start joking around as an old couple would and then a kiss and then Liza wakes up in bed next to him during a thunderstorm. She craws into bed next to Maggie instead.

Liza is worried about Thad talking to other girls. She tries to chalk it up to her breakup.

Liza can't stop looking at all of Josh's old texts, so she deletes them all. OMG!!!

Kelsey has to break the news to Lauren she won't be serving sushi on moving women at her wedding.

Liza gets a text. Stall rabbits have been caught.

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Younger Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Liza: Since when is he a friend of the highline? He doesn't even know the highline.
Maggie: Well, he likes to get high.

Christ. Jackie Dunn walked in. Here she comes, hide the bread.