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Aubrey Alexis and "Me, Myself and O" is causing 50 Shades type mania.

Aubrey has been invited to the Ladies Who Lust benefit tomorrow night. The bigger the book becomes, more of a potential disaster it becomes.

The Crown of Kings franchise would be in trouble if anyone found out who really wrote it. But Moore seems a little bit huffed that so many people want to take credit for his work. But Gweneth wants to do the reading. Ahhh. That's good.

The girls and their guys are out at dinner when they start talking about the book and orgasms and how the best are with people they don't care about. Josh wonders if Liza's more cocky attitude was 26 or 40 Liza. She assures him 26. Forty is far less experimental. He worries. Especially when he learns he's number three. Ever.

Maggie's cooking a Kosher dinner for Malkie and her friends.

Diana wants to know who is Aubrey Alexis. She's getting a little annoyed.

Malkie thinks Diana did a great job cooking. 

Moore shows up at the reading, shout whispering the latest theories on Aubrey Alexis' identity to Liza as he rolls in. Rhada isn't pleased not to know Aubrey's identity, and even less to see Liza at the reading and learn it's her author.

Kelsey meets up with someone who said her imprint had potential and some less than flattering words. She could get more if she revealed the identity.

Maggie is overwhelmed when she's really accepted by the ladies and retreats to the bathroom to smoke. In pops the pregnant one to pee, then all the others right after her. 

Just when Kelsey was getting along with Colin, she gets a text. Gwyneth bailed!!

Liza gets herself into a bit of a sexual pickle when she tries to get through to Moore with words. All that does is make Moore certain Princess Pam Pam should read for Aubrey. 

Kelsey is sad she didn't get to say goodbye to the cute New Yorker guy. Until the next day, when she's the Talk of the Town. He gives the talismatic beauty quite the compliment and when Kelsey sends an email and gets an invite to dinner.

Josh reads the book and worries, again about Liza having experience. He gives her a free pass.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Wait. You only slept with three dudes. That's what you're saying, right? Like three, one less than four. That's the three you're talkin' about here?


Lauren: Get me off twice and call me an Uber.
Liza: Get me off three times and you can call me anything.