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It's the book signing for the Pidgeon book, and if the last pages are any indication, it's crap. Even Diana admits that the Booker Prize nomination isn't going to mean anything if sales don't pick up. They probably have to cancel the book tour. The old lady cooos during her reading. And again. And again.

Charles introduces Rhada to Diana, says hello to Liza. What on earth does he see in her, they wonder.

Charles' daughters show up to let Liza know they might be moving so daddy can have more money for his company. Charles comes over and says it might not happen if he can get George LL whatever to write another book and stay with Empirical.

Rhada is far too smooth to deal with kids, and the look on her face when she walks past Liza is seething with jealousy, but with a smug knowing "I have him" veil over it.

Kelsey has a friend named Redmond who wants Millennial to buy Me, Myself and O about sex around the world, only to discover it was sex by herself that was the thing. They pass since the first time author won't be available to meet. Ever.

LL doesn't want to save Empirical. There are plenty of new authors who can.

When he runs into Liza, he says oh how how his blood runs soft, an exact phrase from the O book. They know Aubrey Alexis is LL Moore.

The bad news? Redmond already shopped it and Lena Dunham's imprint has made a huge offer.

While Maggie is out with her new girl, the ex comes in and is pissy.

Liza goes straight to the source. Suddenly she's eating oysters and kissing LL Moore's ass. He wrote the book as a writing exercise.

Liza goes to Charles and gets the OK to offer as big as she needs to.

Maggie follows her person to a Mikva. When she gets in with her tattoos, the pool has to be drained.

Rhada shows up and when Charles leaves the room, she asks about Liza. She wants to know all about the young woman Charles spends so much time with.

Maggie is playing softball with Malkie. From deep in right field, Liza shows Josh her away game.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Diana: Do I have Cabernet teeth [large, toothy smile]?
Liza: You're good.

I'll pay you a hundred bucks if you start cooing back at her. Coooo cooo cooo.