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The two couples are going to a Paris Review party for one of Colin's short stories. Liza is so excited.

Some loser writer is pissed at Colin, who he doesn't know, because Random House isn't buying more fiction this year after they spent so much on Colin.

Josh and Liza have a very sweet moment. Josh really loves her. Really.

Maggie has been using Liza's UVA ring as a hair tie. To be fair, it was a hair tie, at least one that looks exactly like my hair ties.

But that means they've been having very enthusiastic sex for a week with no protection.

Liza's freaking out. She can't have a baby. She wants a pregnancy test now. Josh gets a test that comes with an app and sends the results through blue tooth to your phone. WTF?

Josh seems sad he's not getting a baby.

Unfortunately, Liza didn't notice. Maggie did and brings it up with Liza

At the office, Millennial tries to get a bigger budget for travel. They're the only imprint who isn't attending. But Charles seems unhappy the EW piece got Random House press instead of Empirical.

Diana gets a bird from the Pigeon author. She doesn't want it, and Richard uses it as an opportunity to talk about commitment. She asks Richard to move in with her.

Colin needs help with the book, but when Pippa sees Kelsey's fingerprint on it, she talks sternly to her. Then she mentions the Hamptons Book Fair and Kelsey demands to go. Charles says yes.

Manhattan Henge is happening as Liza and Josh are talking about the future and having children. Josh really wants to have her child.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Deviled eggs at a bird fundraiser. OK.


Kelsey: You got a tattoo.
Liza: Yeah. Why not?
Kelsey: Because they're really hard to get rid of.