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Liza is telling the tale of being Younger to Kelsey. Kelsey is recalling the tale as she drags her bag down the street, so despite using the room after dropping a Black Mirror reference (that neither Liza nor Maggie gets), the two are not together now.

Liza is on an "I can't stop lying to the people I love" trip.

It's morning when Liza realizes Kelsey didn't sleep in the room.

Kelsey had a night of drinking mini bottles of alcohol and is at work searching for apartments.

Kelsey is angry to find Liza bought that stupid labradoodle book behind her back to hide her own secret.

Kristin Chenowith is in the board room pitching her book on truth. Truth is a four-letter word. And a lot of other things. But when Liza takes it to heart and begins telling Diana and Charles her truth, Kelsey stops her.

Now Kelsey wants Liza to create her truth. If she tells the truth, Millennial will lose all credibility.

Lauren feels like the odd woman out when she learns Liza and Kelsey have been crying on each others shoulders over their breakups.

Charles wants to make sure Liza's broken engagement has nothing to do with him. She assures him it's not, but then asks if he's a Hemingway fan. Her answer is complicated, but he wants her to join him for something.

It's a display of collectibles at Christies that belonged to his father that Charles is selling. Hemingway and Marlena Dietrich didn't have a thing because they were "victims of unsynchronized passion."

Kelsey looks at an apartment where she'd share a room, and a bed, with a chick. She keeps looking.

Kelsey runs into Josh and tells him she knows everything. She wonders if they thought it was funny to keep the secret from her.

Kelsey wants to know about the night he asked her to propose believing it was related to her age.

Kelsey calls in EW girl about her bribery. She demands she and Liza are on the 29 under 29 list. They are.

Marilyn wants an affair with Charles. As a result, Liza thinks Charles doesn't want to contribute to idea the truth is whatever you're comfortable with even if it means taking a hit to the bottom line.

Liza thanks Kelsey for forgiving her. But Kelsey didn't forgive her. She broke her heart.

Lauren called Kelsey an Uber so they follow where she's going (can you do that?).

Kelsey and Josh are living together.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

And Kelsey, next to my own daughter and Maggie, you are the most precious thing in the world to me.


Marilyn: You're a very attractive woman, and I love that necklace, and I don't care if you are transgender.
Diana: Uh, I'm not.
Marilyn: Either way, I don't care. The fact of your gender identity is irrelevant to me.
Diana: I...I'm a woman.
Marilyn: And I don't care!