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Gretchen and Jimmy drink and smoke.  They bicker playfully. 

Edgar attempts to get the two to settle down, mentioning they've been at it for five straight days, and that he now has a job at the gym. Gretchen and Jimmy express surprise the Edgar really has a job. Jimmy calls for a vote about whether they should have a curfew on weeknights, and the two outvote Edgar, voting against a curfew.

Edgar tries to give Gretchen and Jimmy breakfast the next morning but they refuse to eat, saying they are too hungover and that they ate at 5am. Edgar suggests inviting Lindsey over, and Jimmy gives him an odd look.

Gretchen misses her Uber driver due to her poor cell phone service at Jimmy's house, and goes outside to try to look for her driver. She notices the Zoiddle car, and comments that she should have flashed him.

Gretchen goes to meet with Lindsey, who expresses that she is enjoying living alone without Paul. She insists that she enjoys sprawling and being without him. Gretchen gets nauseous, mentioning that she and Jimmy need to stop partying so much. Lindsey admonishes her for suggesting that, insisting that they stick it out and not let love die as she and Paul did. Lindsey tells her to do "butt stuff" and to not become boring, and to do it for the sweater people.

Edgar finds Jimmy passed out, and brings him Gatorade. He suggests that Jimmy and Gretchen slow down and get some sleep or they might actually die. Edgar asks Jimmy for advice on a "friend" named Gabriel, but Jimmy calls him out on talking about him and Lindsey. He shuts Edgar down, saying there is no Edgar and Lindsey. Jimmy continues to forget that Edgar has a job.

Paul goes to Lindsey's house to retrieve his mail and delivers some documents for her to sign, removing her from all of his various accounts. Paul tells Lindsey he is going to visit Amy, his chat room girlfriend, in real life for the first time. Lindsey offers to take him upstairs for a makeover, but they end up having sex, with Paul finishing in her hand.

Gretchen dresses up and offers "butt stuff" to Jimmy, acting on Lindsey's suggestions. Jimmy pretends to also be up for it, while Gretchen tries to subtly back down. He presents Gretchen with a plate full of cocaine. Neither seems eager to party again, but they both do the coke anyway.

They wake up abruptly the next morning to find a Bluecube DVD rental kiosk in the middle of their living room.

Lindsey and Paul are in bed, post-sex. Lindsey suggests that they let the divorce go through and get remarried in order to get more presents. Paul expresses regret for the sex and for having been disloyal to Amy. Lindsey gets upset at him for feeling like he has cheated on Amy, claiming that she (Lindsey) is his wife. Paul questions whether Lindsey even knows what love is.

Sam stands over an asleep Gretchen, shouting to wake her up and yelling at her for missing their meeting. She tells him that she hasn't been sleeping much since she moved in with Jimmy. Sam gives her an old flip phone that he calls a "God phone" and tells her to answer it whenever he call and that she's lost her right to a regular phone.

Jimmy and Gretchen, wearing sunglasses and drinking large bottles of water, browse for a new phone for Gretchen. They mention having a lowkey night. The phone plan salesman gives them an impassioned speech about the family plan being about people and having a family, rather than savings. When he turns around, Gretchen and Jimmy have vanished.

They turn up at a bar, drinking and making fun of the phone plan salesman for being lame. A group of hipsters make fun of them while Gretchen and Jimmy defend that they are hardcore, mentioning they did five shots that day and cocaine the night before. The hipsters mention that they have something much more hardcore: Belgian, a drug for sterilizing horses. Jimmy and Gretchen laugh off the hipster's warnings and take the Belgian pills. They wake up the next morning on top of and under a Zoiddle car (respectively).

Edgar shows up at Lindsey's door with a plate of food. He hears her muffled sobbing from the garage and finds Lindsey drunk and weeping in her wedding dress. Lindsey tells him that Paul did want her, just not forever. Edgar gives her a pep talk and compliments her, calling Paul a fool and a coward. He suggests that they get rid of all of Paul's stuff.

Gretchen and Jimmy get into bed and simultaneously tell each other that they can't keep partying like they've been. Gretchen expresses fear that they'll become like the sweater people if they stop partying, but Jimmy assures her that they could never become sweater people. They settle in for the night (Jimmy with a book, and Gretchen wanting to get nine hours of sleep) and kiss goodnight. They abruptly realize that they are acting boring and quickly wind up in a bar, vowing to stick to clear liquids only.

Edgar and Lindsey continue to clear out Paul's stuff from her house. Lindsey comes across a used condom in one of Paul's boxes and puts it in her freezer. She offers Edgar Bagel Bites.

We see a flashback to the footage from the perspective of the Zoiddle camera of Jimmy and Gretchen stealing the Zoiddle car while under the influence of Belgian.

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Gretchen: Who knows their address?
Jimmy: People. Kidnapped children. This dog I saw on Dateline who rides the bus to the park.

Jimmy: Well you guys have very funny things in your vocabulary as well.
Gretchen: Oh yeah, like what?
Jimmy: "American exceptionalism."
Gretchen: Oh, former colony burn.