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Zoey gears up for her 30th birthday and decides to have a party after some prodding from Maggie, inviting Max, Mo, Simon, and the rest of her coworkers at SPRQPoint.

While stopping at Maximo's, Zoey meets Rose and is upset Max is vibing with someone on their pause.

She talks to Max about it and confesses she still has feelings for Simon.

Max doesn't take it well, and Zoey wants to cancel her party but ultimately decides against it after learning everyone at work is disappointed about the prospect.

At Zoey's party, she and Max make up and decide they don't want to hold the other back.

Additionally, Aiden plays a love song for Zoey, making her very uncomfortable.

Zoey tells Aiden it's not going to happen, and Aiden leaves upset.

The next day, Zoey invites Simon over for dinner on her actual birthday, and the pair share a kiss.

Mo and Perry go to Zoey's party together, but their relationship hits a bump when Mo learns Perry is divorced and has children.

Mo isn't sure if that's a dealbreaker, and Perry tells her to take some time.

David decides to quit Aiden's band and ponders starting one of his own.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Mo: Thoughts?
Perry: You’re good to go, but you probably didn’t need a certified fire marshal to come all the way out here for that.
Mo: Better safe than sorry, right?
Perry: It is, but if what you wanted was to see me again, you could have just asked me on a proper date.
Mo: Huh? Could have done that.
Perry: I would have said yes. Hope to hear from you soon.

Zoey: Even if it was a thing, I wouldn’t need a whole week. I don’t need a whole day. It’s so soon after dad, I don’t want people making a fuss over me.
Maggie: You’re turning 30, and it is a big deal. You know what your father would say if he were here right now.
Zoey and David: Bigger moments, bigger memories.
Maggie: That is correct. I’m sure he’d be setting up the fireworks display and hurrying a marching band.
Zoey: Putting a jumpy castle in the backyard..
David: That was the best 21st birthday a boy could ever ask for.
Zoey: OK, I guess it wouldn’t be the worst idea to honor his legacy with an engagement that some might classify as a party.