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Zoey goes to see Dr. Tesoro and decides to go overboard with trying to be the best girlfriend to Simon.

Zoey wants to make the weekend Simon-centric, and the pair end up doubling with Max and Rose.

Things are going OK, if slightly awkward, until Zoey learns Max may be leaving for New York City for a few months to do a pop-up restaurant.

Zoey freaks out and makes everyone around her uncomfortable.

Dr. Tesoro tells Zoey her reaction to Max leaving has to do with her abandonment issues, but when Zoey tries to explain this to Simon, he doesn't believe her.

Zoey apologizes to Max, but he says that he needs some space.

Perry is nervous over Mo and Brad meeting, but they got along famously.

Perry then realizes he has a problem with how Mo presents himself to the world, and Mo breaks up with Perry.

Deb is worried about Maggie possibly having a gambling problem, and Maggie reveals she went to the casino to spend her last paycheck from Rob.

Maggie, though, won a lot of money, and she and Deb decide how to spend it.

Zoey picks Leif's phone idea to be the new SPRQPoint phone.

Tobin and McKenzie are furious and end up hooking up. Tobin then thanks Leif for making that possible.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Deb: And someone on a screen yells at you as you do it?
Maggie: But in like a supportive way. I got it cheap on Craigslist. I’m trying to move my body more.
Deb: And increase you stamina?

Zoey: How am I supposed to focus on my own issues when the entire waiting room just sang to me? Do you believe a word I’m saying?
Dr. Tesoro: It doesn’t matter what I believe. People come in here with all kinds of issues.
Zoey: I feel like I’m totally drowning recently between my work and my family, my relationship, my powers, all the TV shows I have to watch.
Dr. Tesoro: One thing at a time. You said you broke up with Max because you could hear his thoughts, but he couldn’t hear yours. Now you’re in a relationship with Simon, and he’s not aware of your secret at all.
Zoey: If he knew that I used his heart song to connect and forge this grief bond, it would be game over.
Dr. Tesoro: All right, if you can’t get rid of your gift, maybe you need to focus on things you can control. Is there any area of your life that you feel that you can put more energy into?
Zoey: Simon, definitely Simon. I have been not so awesome to him lately.
Dr. Tesoro: OK, do you think working on things with him is a manageable goal until our next session?
Zoey: Absolutely, yeah, I’m gonna show Simon I can be the best girlfriend in the entire world.
Dr. Tesoro: Or you could just aim for better.