13 Endgame Couples We Love

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Some people say it's all about the journey, but what's a journey without a destination in mind?

Different TV shows all feature their own unique relationships but usually tend to follow similar patterns and narrative structures. Some 'ships may be together right off the bat, while others take years of agonizing buildup before we finally get to see them set sail.

The couples that end up together during a show's series' finale earn the term "endgame," indicating that they're the final relationship for both characters involved. To put it in simpler terms, if you're lucky enough to love an endgame ship it usually means your favorite couple is going to be together forever.

Although there are still tons of shows currently airing with ships we're rooting for, here are 13 couples we love that ended up together in their show's series finale.

1. Jim and Pam - The Office

Jim and Pam - The Office
Jim and Pam were just one of those couples that you couldn't help but love. Their friendship was one of the many highlights of The Office and their love story was so much deeper than what you would expect from a comedy show about a paper company. Seeing them go from co-workers with a crush to an eventual married couple with a family was one of the purest things we ever got to experience on our televisions.

2. Kurt and Blaine - Glee

Kurt and Blaine - Glee
Kurt and Blaine's relationship will easily make anyone believe in love. Kurt spent the first season of Glee struggling and feeling alone, but Blaine helped give him the courage to be proud of who he is. Although the two have had their fair share of ups and downs, their love for each other could never be diminished and they end the series married with Rachel as their surrogate.

3. Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf

Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf
No one knows true patience unless they shipped Stydia. Ever since the pilot episode of Teen Wolf aired, the show had been building towards an eventual romance between the pairing. After years of friendship, the two finally confessed their love for each other on the show's final season and were still happily together after the time jump in the series finale. Even though the wait was agonizing, we wouldn't change a single thing about their story. Except more Stiles in 6B.

4. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries
Damon was drawn to Elena from the very start of The Vampire Diaries. Since he started off the show as a villain, it took quite a few seasons for Elena to see him as someone she could be with. After Stefan leaves town, Damon and Elena grow closer during their search for him. Their relationship is made official in Season 4 and although Nina Dobrev left the show, Elena returned in the series finale to reunite with Damon once and for all.

5. Nick and Jess - New Girl

Nick and Jess - New Girl
The relationship between Nick and Jess was always a big part of New Girl. Although their status changed throughout the series, it was obvious that they had a deep love for one another. Whether they were best friends or more, Nick and Jess always seemed to glow in each other's presence. Despite not going exactly as planned, Nick's proposal to Jess was absolutely adorable and their beautiful ending was well deserved.

6. Emily and Alison - Pretty Little Liars

Emily and Alison - Pretty Little Liars
Ever since the beginning of the show, Emily was in love with Alison. Aware of Emily's love for her, Alison always made Emily believe her feelings were one-sided. After Alison's resurrection from the dead, she confessed to Emily that their kisses weren't just for practice. Although it took a lot of time and redemption on Alison's part, her proposal to Emily at the end of the series is proof that love truly does conquer all.

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