13 Times We Screamed at the TV in Anger!

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It's truly amazing how invested we get in our favorite shows. Like anything else though, you need to take the good with the bad. Sometimes, something so wild an unexpected happens that it makes you instinctively jump off of your comfy sofa and scream at what you've just witnessed.

Perhaps you've even thrown a projectile or two at the screen.

As exciting and enthralling as our favorite TV shows can be, they can also end up being a whirlpool of frustration and anger.

Are you ready to revisit some TV moments that caused us to scream out in anger?

Here are 13 TV moments that really steamed our clams!


1. Ned Stark's Execution - Game Of Thrones

Ned Stark's Execution - Game Of Thrones
On the penultimate episode of Season 1, King Joffrey offered to spare Ned Stark's life if he admitted that Joffrey is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne (even though he wasn't). Upon admitting the false statement, Ned is beheaded anyway. While a pivotal moment in the quest for revenge against the Lannisters, it was such a brutal moment that cementing Joffrey as the most hated character on Game of Thrones.

2. Crowley's Sacrifice - Supernatural

Crowley's Sacrifice - Supernatural
When we first met the crossroad demon Crowley, his mystique and attitude set him up as an imposing villain. Yet seven seasons later, the King of Hell became one of the show's most beloved characters. He walked that fine line of working with and against the Winchesters whenever it suited his selfish needs. However, when it came down to stopping Lucifer once and for all, Crowley made the selfless choice of sacrificing himself in order to trap Lucifer on the Season 12 finale. It was a great swan song for the former crossroads demon, but the sting will linger for some time.

3. Rumplestiltskin's Lust For Power - Once Upon A Time

Rumplestiltskin's Lust For Power - Once Upon A Time
Who doesn't love Rumplestiltskin? While it's always fun watching him find loopholes within loopholes in order to get what he wants, it's difficult to not be frustrated with his constant quest for more power. Throughout six seasons it often became quite annoying when Rumple always fell back into the rut of choosing power over love and betraying Belle more times than can be counted on both hands. Just when you thought he was finally willing to do the right thing, he would switch things up. We love to hate you Rumple!

4. Hershel's Death - The Walking Dead

Hershel's Death - The Walking Dead
This was the moment that The Walking Dead turned the page into utter ruthlessness. As the voice of reason and moral compass for the group up until this point, the loss of Hershel weighed heavy on the group and fans alike. Although at almost six seasons later, looking back I'm not entirely sure what was more frustrating; the fact that we lost Hershel, or that we were previously presented with a pointless two-episode redemption arc for the Governor.

5. Barry Going Back to Save His Mother - The Flash

Barry Going Back to Save His Mother - The Flash
You would think that Barry's past mistakes would force him to see reason. Heck, he's even had one on one conversations with the Speed Force, telling Barry the reprecussions of meddling with time and history. So what does our Scarlet Speedster do? He travels back to the night of his mothers murder and prevents her death from Eobard. Just when you think he's learned his lesson, he goes and pulls a stunt like this.

6. Glenn Meeting Lucille - The Walking Dead

Glenn Meeting Lucille - The Walking Dead
It wasn't enough that fans were angered by the abrupt cliffhanger on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. Fans were left in limbo for 7 months wondering who met the wrong end of Lucille. When we found out that Abraham took one for the team we were saddened, but were willing to move on. We thought the worst was over, until Glenn was killed moments later. Damn you Negan.

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