13 TV Relationships That Came With an Onscreen Shipper

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It's hard to convince your OTP that they belong together when they can't hear you through the television screen.

Therefore, we have to give a special shoutout to those characters who do what we cannot. 

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We may not be able to get through to our ship, but there's usually someone on the show who's just as invested as the audience. 

Check out our list of 13 TV relationships that came with an onscreen shipper! 

1. Chidi and Eleanor - Michael (The Good Place)

Chidi and Eleanor - Michael (The Good Place)
Sometimes we wonder if the only reason Michael kept rebooting everyone was to watch Chidi and Eleanor fall in love all over again. Thankfully, he was there to be their cheerleader and tell them the truth about their feelings for each other. We also can't forget the fan video he made about them in the Season 3 finale.

2. Jim and Pam - Michael (The Office)

Jim and Pam - Michael (The Office)
As much as we all love Jim and Pam, no one loves them as much as Michael Scott. Michael may have been wrong about a lot of things, but he was absolutely right about this.

3. Barry and Iris - Joe (The Flash)

Barry and Iris - Joe (The Flash)
Even when Barry gave up all hope that Iris would ever be with him, Joe did not. Joe wanted what was best for his daughter, and he knew that was Barry Allen.

4. Stiles and Lydia - Scott (Teen Wolf)

Stiles and Lydia - Scott (Teen Wolf)
Stiles' best friend always knew where his heart truly lied. Considering that Stiles and Lydia were both too stubborn to admit their feelings, we're lucky Scott was there to help push them in the right direction.

5. Simon and Isabelle - Becky (Shadowhunters)

Simon and Isabelle - Becky (Shadowhunters)
Thank goodness for Rebecca Lewis. Viewers knew that Simon and Isabelle belonged together from day one, but the two struggled to see what was right in front of them. As soon as Becky decided to play matchmaker and call Simon out on his feelings, they both became very aware of what was going on between them.

6. Amy and Jonah - Sandra (Superstore)

Amy and Jonah - Sandra (Superstore)
To be fair, all the Cloud 9 employees ship Amy and Jonah as they have stated on multiple occasions. But Sandra deserves a special mention because she is the one who went above and beyond and made a "Team Amy" shirt.

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