13 Ways The Flash Season 2 Toyed with the Sophomore Slump

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No, The Flash Season 2 did NOT suffer a sophomore slump. 

It also didn't exceed expectations. We were still hoping for the same magic from The Flash Season 1 (a big ask, for sure), and it fell short.

That doesn't mean the season didn't provide good times, or that we're giving up because it was not enjoyable. Hardly. It's still a fine show with a wonderful cast of characters.

We only have great expectations because we've already seen what this group can do. And, yes, I'll agree that as someone who didn't read the comics, I may see things from a different angle. But this is a TV show. I should have to have read to the comics to get the most out of it. 

Readers should get MORE, but those who didn't should still be having a great time.

So, let's dig in. Ready? Go!

1. A Great Earth that Isn't Our Earth

A Great Earth that Isn't Our Earth
The introduction of Earth-2 (and then more universes) is just too much fun. As a huge fan of doppelgangers for the opportunities provided to open up the stories and let actors really show off their chops, this is a dream. I can only hope The Flash wants to visit as many worlds as possible, including Earth-3 with his new dad-alike, Jay Garrick, The Flash!

2. A Character Some of Us Loved to Hate

A Character Some of Us Loved to Hate
Patty Spivot wasted time. She was a placeholder for Barry until he rediscovered his feelings for Iris, as it seems any new female love interest will be. Others may be tolerated, but Patty's attitude and desire to skirt the law to get justice for her father were incredibly annoying. Then she even tricked Barry into revealing his secret identity. Superheroes doen't need girls like her hanging about. Good riddance.

3. A Character We Grew to Love

A Character We Grew to Love
Wally West came in with a big chip on his shoulder, and he was hardly ready to accept his new family. But he didn't have a choice. His mother was dying, and he had a father and sister he didn't know reaching out to offer support. Try as he might, he couldn't pust the loving pair away.

While he might have been a lot of trouble at the onset, the way he has embraced his new life and wants to help like they do, like his new brother, The Flash, does, is really admirable, especially for a kid who didn't have it all.

4. A Big Bummer That Ended OK

A Big Bummer That Ended OK
When they introduced the first Flash, it was really freaking cool, even for those of us who haven't dug deeply into the comics. The hat, the look – it's been around. It was Jay Garrick! To screw with such a pivotal character, making him a cool guy and then a really bad guy was a bummer.

It was really easy to see why Caitlin fell for him. It all worked out in the end, with a Henry Allen doppelganger as the real Jay Garrick, but can we NOT introduce iconic characters in hiding, getting our hopes up, only to discover they're cads, murderers and real pieces of dirt? Let's let the next hero truly be a hero.

5. A Most Disappointing Trend

A Most Disappointing Trend
Killing off doppelgangers is just not good. It's easy to understand not wanting them hanging around all the time because of logistical reasons and even so they don't steal the thunder from the main characters of The Flash.

But the list of dopps who have dropped is too long. Reverb, Killer Frost, Joe West, Laurel Lance (Earth-1), Henry Allen (Earth-1), TWO Ronnie Raymonds, and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting. It's possible for dopps to live on opps Earths and barely have contact until the storyline requires it. STOP DROPPING DOPPS.

6. The Season Started Off Strong - With the Best Episode!

The Season Started Off Strong - With the Best Episode!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 1, "The Man Who Saved Central City," when there were several men who could take the title, was a perfect start to Season 2. We discovered why Barry was fighting demons and having a hard time relishing being a hero, especially on Flash Day. Firestorm did the dirty work for saving the world and got no credit.

Caitlin was in mourning but some love from Barry saved her, too. We learned Wells left Barry STAR Labs, and admitted he killed Nora Allen. Henry was set free. This episode as much wrapped up Season 1 as it did propel us into Season 2. The Flash Season 3 has a lot to work up to!

7. The Horrible Big Bad Made Barry Make a Dumb Decision in a Terrible Episode

The Horrible Big Bad Made Barry Make a Dumb Decision in a Terrible Episode
The Flash Season 2 Episode 18, "Versus Zoom." was terrible, and because of what Barry did – caving in when Wally was caught and handing over his speed to Zoom when there were clearly better options available ndash; all of the rest of the season's woes became reality. If this episode had not happened, Henry would be alive. It's that simple.

8. Did You Notice The Flash Often Makes Our Eyes Wet?

Did You Notice The Flash Often Makes Our Eyes Wet?
Let's be clear, this was not the only time we weeped (or our eyes seeped, at least), but The Flash Season 2 Episode 21, "The Runaway Dinosaur," put to good use characters we've gotten to know, by placing them inside the Speed Force to teach Barry a lesson or two and get him his speed back. Most notably, taking up the persona of Nora to allow Barry to finally come to peace with the loss of his mother was beautiful. That it all the good was undone in the finale? Craptastic.

9. An Homage to Fringe? Frak Yeah!

An Homage to Fringe? Frak Yeah!
The Fringe homage during The Flash Season 2 Episode 20, "Rupture," in which Barry found himself inside his own personal particle accelerator looking much like Peter Bishop didn't escape us or Cisco. It didn't escape the writers, either, who made Barry go POOF into the ether. It was pretty cool, and quite the shock. Every once in a while, we don't see something coming.

10. Boo, Hiss...But Yay! We Never Have to See This Meta Again!

Boo, Hiss...But Yay! We Never Have to See This Meta Again!
Trajectory was the first female speedster and had possibilities beyond being a smart-ass Zoom wanna be. She wanted to be the fastest, and all that got her was split up into a gazillion little pieces. It did, however, tell us Zoom was ill. So, yay?

11. AWESOME! This Meta-Doppelganger Lived! Baby, Come Back!

AWESOME! This Meta-Doppelganger Lived! Baby, Come Back!
Seeing Doppelganger Laurel Lance as Black Siren, so shortly after the death of Arrow's Laurel Lance/Black Canary, was a welcome site. She had a smokin' outfit, a real meta scream (siren) and was intelligent, to boot. The best part? She was left alive. She can return. Will she? We'd love to see her again, we won't lie about it.

12. This is The Most Most Fun You Can Have With a Big Bad (and Cisco)

This is The Most Most Fun You Can Have With a Big Bad (and Cisco)
You either loved the episode with King Shark, or you hated it. I loved it, because I watched it for exactly what it was. It was goofy entertainment and a heaping pile of Jaws and Sharknado references (most of which were delivered by Cisco). "We're gonna need a bigger Flash." Thanks Cisco! Since I'd love nothing more than to watch Jawss and Sharknado with Cisco narrating, it was pure and goofy pleasure.

13. We Had Too Much Fun with Cisco (No, Really)

We Had Too Much Fun with Cisco (No, Really)
Cisco continues to be Flash Gold. He has yet to do a single thing to annoy, destroy, anger or complicate much of anything. He's funny, charming and gets along with everyone, even when he doesn't. To close out the slideshow, you're getting not one, not two, but THREE groovy slides of Cisco dancing. Why? Why the hell not? Enjoy.

14. Doin' the Cowboy Baby

Doin' the Cowboy Baby
Cisco developed a great relationship with another incarnation of Dr. Wells, and if we're right, he'll have to do it all over again during Season 3. If he lets his inhibitions go like this, it won't be a problem

15. Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Sure, Barry and Iris were over at the tables laughing out loud at Cisco, but he was just having a great time, no matter how much everyone else hated the club they were in. Here's hoping all of us have a little bit of Cisco's attitude during the summer months. Until we meet again!!

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