15 Characters Far Too Interesting for Their TV Shows

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We all have our favorite character(s) on any show we watch, and yes, those characters don't always get the time we believe they deserve.

But, then there are the characters that are portrayed by talented actors and their stories suffer because the characters eventually don't fit into the mold of the show anymore, and we watch them continuously torn down to fit the character they're "supposed to be."

The actors are wasted due to stories that aren't worth their time, and the characters are thrown to the background because their path doesn't make sense just for the sake of keeping them on the show.

Here are 15 characters that are too interesting, too talented, and taken for granted on their respective shows.

1. Laurel Lance - Arrow

Laurel Lance - Arrow
Whether it's as Laurel Lance or Black Siren, Katie Cassidy's talent is unmatched on Arrow, and her talent is wasted due to an overwhelming disinterest in her character in the writer's room. Laurel has never gotten the time her character deserves because so much more could hae been done with her. I'd love a Birds of Prey spin-off on another Earth with Laurel as the Black Canary on that team.

2. Rebekah Mikaelson - The Originals

Rebekah Mikaelson - The Originals
Since Rebekah's introduction on The Vampire Diaries, she's been a stunning, consistent performer that steals every scene she's in, and we have to wonder why she hasn't had her own show devoted solely to her. Surely, if they can base an entire series around the villainous Klaus Mikaelson, we could see Rebekah take off on her own from the persistent curse that is immortality and her supernatural family members. She's been ignored for far too long.

3. Aaron Shore - Designated Survivor

Aaron Shore - Designated Survivor
Ever since Aaron's demotion from White House Chief of Staff to National Security Advisor, he's basically useless, which is a shame considering how wonderful his character could be if a little effort was put in. Aaron would make a great politician of his own, and given his heritage and his ties with his family, it'd be interesting to see that explored, especially if there was context like the current political world we live in overshadowing his character.

4. Jennifer Jareau - Criminal Minds

Jennifer Jareau - Criminal Minds
While this ensemble cast is usually pretty well-balanced, JJ almost always seems to be the one left out, and it's been that way over the series. Her role was minimal before AJ Cook's firing, and after her return she received more screen time, but not what she's needed. JJ should get her own spin-off and lead her own FBI team.

5. Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow - The Flash

Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow - The Flash
Killer Frost is really the character that showcases Danielle Panabaker's talent and her ability to capture the icy attitude of Caitlin's evil alter-ego is wasted on The Flash. Perhaps Killer Frost should go to Legends of Tomorrow to get the focus she needs to take advantage of her talents and interesting, unique story as an anti-hero.

6. J'onn J'onnz - Supergirl

J'onn J'onnz - Supergirl
J'onn is capable of so much more than he's given on Supergirl. The occasional episodes focusing on his Martian heritage and background have been great, but given The CW's small budget and the writers being unable to come up with a story for J'onn outside of other surviving green martians, he's always put on the sidelines when he's just as capable as Kara in his true form.

7. Michaela Pratt - How to Get Away with Murder

Michaela Pratt - How to Get Away with Murder
Michaela is probably the standout character of How to Get Away with Murder, aside from Annalise Keating, which is due to Aja Naomi King's talent and the character's history. Her devotion to being a lawyer, and being the best, would be interesting to explore if she was written off onto her own spin-off that starts out with her career first beginning after law school.

8. Daisy Johnson - Agents of SHIELD

Daisy Johnson - Agents of SHIELD
Daisy may be considered the "main character" of Agents of SHIELD, but does she really fit with the team anymore? The premise was originally ordinary people being part of SHIELD and fighting those with special abilities, but with Daisy, it has become more of a powered people agency. Daisy should have been the star of the Inhumans show with a different premise... at least, then, it might have lasted.

9. Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries
Katherine never got the attention she deserved on The Vampire Diaries due to Nina Dobrev playing two characters and not having enough time in a day to play two characters all the time. Katherine was interesting, cunning, and certainly she had an interesting life. It'd be awesome to see flashbacks to her life in another era, if the producers and Dobrev ever chose to do so.

10. Mulan - Once Upon a Time

Mulan - Once Upon a Time
Mulan is the LGBT+ hero we need on television, and I will forever be bitter she isn't the star of Once Upon a Time Season 7's new direction. Mulan never got the attention she deserved, and had her heart broken far too many times.

11. Trevor - The Good Place

Trevor - The Good Place
Trevor's appearance may have been short, but Adam Scott's great performance led to an outstanding character, although he's a total dirtbag. It'd be interesting to see him in a spin-off about his "bad place" and how he's torturing these humans. Who knows... maybe he can change, just like Michael?

12. Trish Walker - Marvel's Jessica Jones

Trish Walker - Marvel's Jessica Jones
While it's amazing to see the friendship between Trish and Jessica, Trish has the potential to have her own great spin-off series following her adventures as (comic book spoiler) Hellcat. She's a badass, but on Jessica's show, she's never going to get the focus she needs to truly flesh out her character and the hero she'll become.

13. The Wine Moms - Pretty Little Liars

The Wine Moms - Pretty Little Liars
After the episode where the girls' moms got locked in the basement of the DiLaurentis house, everyone wanted a spin-off. With such powerhouse actresses behind the moms, we should have gotten a spin-off where they deal with their own lives (and the messes of their daughters that we never say them clean up later on in the series) and meet up at the end of every episode for a night of wine and laughs.

14. Sofia Rodriguez - Young & Hungry

Sofia Rodriguez - Young & Hungry
Sofia's role on Young & Hungry as Gabi's best friend is wonderful and she's quite hilarious, but the focus is on Gabi's career and her position in Josh's life, which Sofia doesn't fit in to. Sofia's too funny to never have the time to shine, and while her previous spin-off attempt didn't work, pick a new concept and try again. She's far too funny to be a side character.

15. Brianna Hanson - Grace and Frankie

Brianna Hanson - Grace and Frankie
Brianna is a star within a show of stars, and her more sarcastic, rude humor doesn't always fit in with the recent lightheartedness of the series. Take the actress and create another sitcom where she's the star and it revolves around her sense of humor. While it'd be a loss for Grace and Frankie, she'd definitely be successful on her own.

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