18 Ships That Drive Us Crazy

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Every show has a couple at the core of it that makes us fans a little crazy. Some in a good way and others in a not-so-good way. Heck, some shows have more than one couple and it divides fans when said couples swap their partner for another.

Some shows have fans that are more vocal than others (I'm looking at you, Delena shippers!) and things can get CRAZY.

We all feel a little attached to TV couples. Some may not find happiness in the end, but the journey they take together can be just as satisfying as the breakup. It all comes down to chemistry and these couples most certainly have that going for them.

1. Klamille - The Originals

Klamille - The Originals
Klaus Mikaelson and Cami O'Connell have been heating up the streets of New Orleans since The Originals' backdoor pilot. It's really, really time for Klaus to go ahead and kiss the girl already. It's only been three seasons, you guys.

2. Delena - The Vampire Diaries

Delena - The Vampire Diaries
Elena may be having a Bonnie induced nap, but her love story with Damon will continue to echo in our hearts for the rest of time. Remember that kiss in the rain that sealed Stelena fans hopes and solidified Delena? It was one of the hottest scenes the show has had and then the vampire sex scenes. OH. MY. GOD.

3. Dawsey - Chicago Fire

Dawsey - Chicago Fire
The Chicago shows sure have a thing for ships, right? Dawson and Casey have had more downs than ups, but recently they shared a steamy scene in a hotel. SO STEAMY. What does it mean for the future? A mini Dawsey perhaps?

4. Caskett - Castle

Caskett - Castle
Sure, Beckett thought Castle was a little weird at first, but it didn't stop her getting between the sheets with him, did it? After a wedding day disaster, these two are still setting the new standard in work place romances.

5. Spoby - Pretty Little Liars

Spoby - Pretty Little Liars
For a town as small as Rosewood and so full of secrets, there is no surprise that there is A LOT of trysts between the residents. Spencer and Toby have been through thick and thin. Spencer went crazy over all of the A drama and even thought Toby was dead. Well, she ended up in Radley, but she's fine now and very much in love with Mr Cavanaugh.

6. Chair - Gossip Girl

Chair - Gossip Girl
Finding love in the Upper East Side was no easy task for any of our favorites from Gossip Girl, but fans pegged Chuck and Blair as endgame before they even got together and they were right! Chuck and Blair officially became Chair in the series finale, but can they live a life without scheming?

7. Ezria - Pretty Little Liars

Ezria - Pretty Little Liars
Another couple who kept their sordid bed hopping a secret, but that's because Ezra was Aria's teacher. Yes, Rosewood is a town filled with secrets, but most of them are hot.

8. Olitz - Scandal

Olitz - Scandal
Olivia Pope is anyones after a few wines, but when she gets handled by Fitz, there is no wine in sight! Poor Melly always seems like just a few metres away from all the heavy breathing, but why is it so good?

9. Olicity - Arrow

Olicity - Arrow
When Oliver isn't taking down villains in Starling City, he occasionally plays target practice with Felicity. Although the scene a few weeks back was random on so many levels, you can't deny it was HOT. More please.

10. Danny and Mindy - The Mindy Project

Danny and Mindy - The Mindy Project
They went the whole TEN! yards on a freaking plane. If that's not some lingering lust then what is? These two have defied the odds and are one of the funniest couples on TV. Danny. Dancing. WTF.

11. Haylijah - The Originals

Haylijah - The Originals
Having to witness the love of your life marry someone must be hard, but I'm sure Elijah was thinking about all of the racy things they've done, all while Hayley looks at him seductively. These two won't be together for an eternity if Klaus has any say in it, but what's an eternity when you have love?

12. Bellarke - The 100

Bellarke - The 100
Bellamy and Clarke spent much of the first season at odds, but they reached an understanding in the sophomore run and fans have been clamoring for them to roll around in the mud, but will it happen? Time will tell.

13. Stalia - Teen Wolf

Stalia - Teen Wolf
Fans were not happy with the addition of Malia because it meant Stydia was done and Stalia became a thing. Stiles and Malia have shared many provocative scenes and may or may not have taken a few tips from 50 Shades Of Grey. They really do steam up the TV set.

14. Frary - Reign

Frary - Reign
Though there is an equal divide in shippers for Mary with Bash and Frances, she is currently married to Frances. The two of them have always had a steamy connection and have locked lips several times and much more. Will their romance continue to fizzle?

15. Linstead - Chicago PD

Linstead - Chicago PD
Why are relationships that have to be kept secret that LITTLE bit sexier? Linstead can't let Voight know about their hookups because of it all happening in the work place, but if it leads to more scenes like this, then who am I to judge? Long life Lindsay and Halstead.

16. Steroline - The Vampire Diaries

Steroline - The Vampire Diaries
They may have engaged in some steamy debauchery while evil, but OMG, the scenes were crazy good and we need a LOT MORE of Stefan and Caroline next season. Can it be written into their contracts already? Damn.

17. MerDer- Grey's Anatomy

MerDer- Grey's Anatomy
Meredith and Derek may have been ripped apart in the end, but from the first time they pulled each others clothes off, these two had a connection that just wouldn't die. Even in death, we'll always remember McDreamy. Will fans really tune out next season?

18. Zade - Hart of Dixie

Zade - Hart of Dixie
George who? Yes, none of us cared for George. Wade and Zoe's sex in the car solidifed that. The car was tiny, but these two still managed to give in to temptation with each other.

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