17 TV Characters Who Turned to the Darkside

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It is said that good and evil resides in all of us. Whether that's true or not can be debated.

But in the world of television, the transition from good to evil can be an easy one.

Power, greed, jealousy, and madness makes people do crazy things. 

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Sometimes the characters who embrace the darkside have no control over their actions. Other times it's a conscious decision.

While some sought redemption, others had no desire to reverse their evil ways.

Whatever their choice, here are 17 TV Characters who let their evil flag fly.

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1. Lee - Gotham

Lee - Gotham
When Lee got infected with Jervis Tetch's virus, she went from Miss Goody-Goody to full out badass bad girl. Burying her former lover alive, and then teaming up with Riddler? It was a refreshing change that didn't last nearly long enough for our tastes.

2. Slade Wilson - Arrow

Slade Wilson - Arrow
Slade never intended to become a bad guy. He trained Oliver in all the skills he needed to eventually become the Green Arrow, but after getting injected by a crazy drug, he became Oliver's mortal enemy. After he and Oliver had a battle in which it seemed like Slade died, the Australian bad boy returned as Deathstroke with a death wish for Oliver but was eventually cured and sent to prison for his crimes.

3. Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White - Breaking Bad
Sometimes people do desperate things in desperate times, and Walter White was no exception. After Walter learned he was dying from cancer, he turned to the darkside to make sure his family would be financially secure after his death. The all-around nice guy and great high school teacher entered the drug trade and became ruthless criminal and murderer.

4. Teresa Mendoza - Queen of the South

Teresa Mendoza - Queen of the South
Growing up poor in Mexico, Teresa never intended to become head of one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world. Instead of running from the men who killed her lover, she took matters into her own hands and faced her fears. She still has a good heart, even if she's in a bad business.

5. Fiji - Midnight, Texas

Fiji - Midnight, Texas
Fiji had been Midnight's resident goody-goody until her desire to break her family's curse so she could be with her true love turned her to the darkside. She had no idea how it would change her, but when she got a taste of the darkness inside, she couldn't resist (isn't that always the way?) Seeing Fiji embrace her evil side was loads of fun, but unfortunately shortlived after she once again found her light.

6. Elizabeth Keen - The Blacklist

Elizabeth Keen - The Blacklist
How many times as Agent Keen turned to the darkside? Too many times to list. In fact, after meeting Red, she never really recovered from his influence. This is not to say her evil ways are Red's fault, but once she got a taste of the other side, she couldn't resist not following the rules whenever it would suit her needs.

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