19 Party Guests Who Would Liven Up Any Celebration

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Parties can be boring or they can be darn exciting.

It all depends on who you invite.

Here are 19 TV characters we think will add a spark to any type of gathering!

Who would you invite to your bash? Chime in below!

1. Kara and Barry - Supergirl and The Flash

Kara and Barry - Supergirl and The Flash
If you're looking to learn some fancy dance moves, then Kara and Barry have got you covered. Even if you can't get the hang of it right away, they'll still entertain you with their special moves!

2. The Ladies of Lucifer - Lucifer

The Ladies of Lucifer - Lucifer
These girls love to party and would never turn down an invitation. But don't expect them to sit in the corner drinking the night away. They'll be center stage singing their hearts out to whoever will listen!

3. Ian - Shameless

Ian - Shameless
Ian will liven up any party the minute he walks in the door. Throw on some tunes, turn on the disco lights, and let Ian do his thing!

4. Media - American Gods

Media - American Gods
You can't have a party without Media. She'll help you with your selfies, turn the TV up a notch, or even play your favorite tunes. Whatever your party needs, Media is there by your side.

5. The Librarians Gang - The Librarians

The Librarians Gang - The Librarians
Being invited to your party couldn't come at a better time. They need to let loose after all the crazy they've been involved in. These guys and gals have stories to tell, and they'll keep even the most skeptical entranced. Give them a few beers and who knows what magic they'll unleash!

6. Waverly - Wynonna Earp

Waverly - Wynonna Earp
If you want a little pep to your party then Waverly is your girl. She'll liven up even the most boring of parties with her special brand of energy. Before you know it you'll be cheering along at the top of your lungs!

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