23 Characters Who Won't Let Go of a Grudge

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It doesn't matter what side of the good vs. evil divide they land on, characters who hold grudges are some of our favorites, especially when they won't let them go. 

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As a noun, a grudge is defined as a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury. 

In the realm of TV, sometimes it's easy to spot a particular moment or incident in these character's pasts that'll leave them with these emotions. Other times, it's a little harder to define. 

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Here are 23 grudgeholders that have graced our television screens. 

1. Emily Thorne (Revenge)

Emily Thorne (Revenge)
Let's start off with the epitome of grudgeholders, Emily Thorne. Better known as Amanda Clarke, she returned to the Hamptons to get revenge for her father's wrongful imprisonment and death. Throughout four seasons she systematically dismantles the Grayson family from the inside-out and watches their empire fall.

2. Alice Quinn (The Magicians)

Alice Quinn (The Magicians)
Alice Quinn has been angry since the moment we met her. She's angry at Brakebills, her mother, and even Quentin for caring enough to bring her back from Niffen-hood. By the end of The Magicians Season 3, Alice Quinn was holding her grudge against magic. Seeing it as the root cause for all her problems she attempted to snuff out magic for good.

3. Admiral Cain (Battlestar Galactica)

Admiral Cain (Battlestar Galactica)
The Cylons might have destroyed the Twelve Colonies, but for Admiral Helena Cain it was personal. The extended cut of the TV movie, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, revealed Cain's history during the first Cylon War, including the loss of her sister who she abandoned shortly before they retreated. It's no wonder that after the nuclear attacks she was hellbent on destroying the Cylons at any cost.

4. The Doctor (Doctor Who)

The Doctor (Doctor Who)
The Doctor doesn't forgive easily. But nothing exemplifies the Doctor's ability to hold a grudge more than her anger towards the Daleks. There's no shortage of moments where you can see the Doctor's rage against his enemy, and while the Doctor might be responsible for destroying her home planet, the Daleks were equal participants in The Time War.

5. Remi Briggs (Blindspot)

Remi Briggs (Blindspot)
Blindspot is about a woman with permanent amnesia, but Season 3 flipped the tables and gave Jane Doe her original memories back. When Remi Briggs re-emerged at the end of Blindspot Season 3, and she immediately had a grudge against the FBI and what they had done to Sandstorm. After three years a lot had changed including finding that Jane was married to Kurt, who Remi hates.

6. Gregory House (House M.D.)

Gregory House (House M.D.)
Dr. House is brilliant but he's also mad at the universe. Specifically, the set of circumstances that led him to walk with a cane while also being in constant pain. His anger comes out at his ex-wife and sometimes the world of medicine. Especially, when he thinks he's finally found something that works only to have the solution fail.

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