23 Times We Wanted Lovers to Forgive The Unforgivable

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If asked to list off what we could not forgive our partner for, cheating, abuse, and violence would be high on the list. We would also sight dishonesty, manipulation, and countless others.

If our paramour came to us asking for forgiveness after committing one of these acts, we would most likely send them packing. If we didn't, our friends would likely encourage us to seek therapy. 

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For some reason, it is different on TV. Maybe, in the beginning, we hate the transgressor. However, over time, we often find ourselves rooting for our ship to sail again.

Maybe it is because we see it from both sides, the one wronged, and the wrongdoer. We may say, "sure he was wrong, but I get why he did it." After all, we love them both and want them happy. Plus aren't they so cute together? Don't they have the best chemistry? Didn't we invest all this time in them?

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Here's our slideshow for 23 times we wanted lovers to forgive the unforgivable. Did we miss anyone? Are we being too hard on these lovers? Too forgiving? Let us know in the comments.

1. Wade Cheats On Zoe - Hart of Dixie

Wade Cheats On Zoe - Hart of Dixie
When Wade and Zoe finally became a for real, everyone knows about it, actual couple, fans cheered. However, even after he got the girl, Wade's lifelong self-esteem issues did not evaporate. His belief that he would never deserve Zoe, combined with alcohol and a professional loss led him to Claudette, which led to a heartbreaking break-up. Zade fans wanted an immediate reconciliation and were furious when Zoe did not take Wade back after his love confession on Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 22. The writers and Zoe were blamed for Zade not being Zade anymore. The couple ended the series together because fans would not accept anything less, and by the series' end, Wade's infidelity was clearly forgotten.

2. Emmett Cheats On Bay - Switched at Birth

Emmett Cheats On Bay - Switched at Birth
Bay and Emmett were the longest lasting and most encompassing love story of Switched at Birth. They went from strangers to friends to more than friends and overcame countless obstacles to be together. But when Emmett feels betrayed by Bay's meddling in his life, he hooks up with her high school nemesis and brother's girlfriend. Bay is devasted and spends time away from Emmett. Over the course of the next year, Emmett is there for her as a friend, respecting her need for space, but never giving up on trying to win her back. Eventually, he does. Yet the two do not end the show together. Would they have, had Emmett not caused that first break? I guess we'll never know,

3. Daniel Shoots Emily - Revenge

Daniel Shoots Emily - Revenge
Shooting your wife on your honeymoon is a pretty clear sign that you do not deserve forgiveness. This is what Daniel did to Emily on Revenge Season 3 Episode 10 after discovering that she lied about being pregnant. After the shooting, Daniel showed no remorse, being both verbally and physically abusive to Emily before she had even recovered. It seemed that Demily was dead and some fans wanted Daniel to die with it. Then the elevator scene on Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 happened. Truths came out and fans were hit with a ton of Demily chemistry. By Revenge Season 4 Episode 10, Daniel was taking bullets to save Emily's life, and Demily fans were devastated, claiming that the ship deserved so much better.

4. Ethan Cheats On Emma (With Her Twin Sister) - The Lying Game

Ethan Cheats On Emma (With Her Twin Sister) - The Lying Game
When Emma and Ethan met, he was in a relationship with her twin sister Sutton. Ethan chose Emma, but when he was on the run with Sutton, old feelings resurfaced and the two kissed. This triangle was bound to be complicated. Maybe Ethan would never be able to truly let either twin go. For a long time, it seemed like Emma would not forgive Ethan, despite his constant pleas. When she finally decided that she loved him too much to hold it against him, he claimed he was done with her. And then the show was sadly canceled, so we'll never know if these two would have reconciled. As for whether or not they should have, well, I pose that question to you Fanatics.

5. Joel Leave Midge For His Secretary - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Joel Leave Midge For His Secretary - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
When Joel first left Midge, pretty much the entire fanbase said scumbag. Over time though, it became clear that Joel did truly love Midge, and that Midge loved Joel. On the one hand, Joel needs to grow up a lot, and Midge deserves to spread her wings. They cannot do this together and they both know it. However, there may be a part of us that can't help but ask "Why can't those two crazy kids work it out?"

6. Neal Frames Emma For Stolen Watches - Once Upon A Time

Neal Frames Emma For Stolen Watches - Once Upon A Time
So, boy meets girl. Boy and girl live like Bonnie and Clyde. Boy frames girl for stealing some watches he stole and takes off on girl while girl goes to jail. Seems simple enough, or so Emma thought. Then she found out her parents were magical fairytale royalty, Neal's father was a manipulative sorcerer and Neal only did what he did after he found out the truth about her parentage. Does that make it better? Well ... And yet, Swanfire has the magic of first loves, orphans who understand each other, and a broken family reuniting. They did not have a happy ending, but their fans would say Neal should be over and again forgiven.

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