19 of the Best TV Characters to Mend Your Broken Heart

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Television characters are no strangers to heartbreak. They too experience getting dumped and being betrayed.

If a tv character is lucky, he or she will still have loved ones around to support them during these rough patches.

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These characters could not have prevented the pain from happening. However, they will listen sympathetically while you vent and wallow. They will travel across the country to answer your distress call. And when they vow that the person who hurt you will never harm you again, you know they will keep their promise.

For all this and more, we wish we could have these tv characters present in our lives during all the times we are convinced we will never be happy again.

1. Olivia - Law & Order: SVU

Olivia - Law & Order: SVU
Olivia sees the ugliest side of humanity on a regular basis, but she never forgets to the put the victims first. Always compassionate and a force to be reckoned with, she'll do everything in her power to ensure justice is served.

2. Miguel - This Is Us

Miguel - This Is Us
It's good to see more appreciation for Miguel because a guy who would fix your fridge, console you after a date gone bad, and let you sleep off a drunken bender at his place certainly deserves it.

3. Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

Lorelai - Gilmore Girls
If you've embarrassed yourself in front of a crush, been dumped during a dance marathon, or just found out your mother-in-law never wanted you in the family -- Lorelai Gilmore will always be there for you with a hug, some kind (and funny) words, and all the junk food you need to get through the wallowing.

4. Gary - A Million Little Things

Gary - A Million Little Things
Don't let the abrasive side of Gary's personality fool you, he'll do anything to cheer you up when you're going through a tough time. The list includes but is not limited to staying at your side during chemo, immediately making sure someone can step in when dad duty calls and wearing a light-up Christmas sweater.

5. Mina - The Resident

Mina - The Resident
Mina will always tell you what you need to hear even when you don't want to hear it. Even when she thinks doing something like jilting someone at the altar was a bad decision, she will still offer you a place to stay when you have nowhere else to go.

6. Davos - Game of Thrones

Davos - Game of Thrones
Davos is an awesome person to have around after you've been stabbed in the heart. He'll find a red priestess to handle the resurrection and then give you a pep talk that will enable you to get on with the business of saving the world.

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