23 TV Characters We DEMAND Return for 2016-17

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How many characters died during the last TV season? Too many.

It's always hard to get attached to a character in many ways and have to deal with their exit, due to contract disputes, an actor's will, or a writer who wants to create "shock value" by killing off another female character that can't seem to serve as anything but a love interest for the male lead.

Below are our hopes for characters we'd hope to see return from their standing absence, be that from death or a vacation from all the crazy drama in their towns.

1. Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy

Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy
We get you wanted to leave Patrick Dempsey. 11 years is a long time to spend on one series, but you were McDreamy, man. How could you leave us? Leave your kids? Leave MEREDITH? We trusted you!

2. Laurel Lance - Arrow

Laurel Lance - Arrow
Laurel Lance's death created quite a stir within the comic community. The Black Canary, most iconicly paired with the Green Arrow, was killed off a Green Arrow television show. Hardly a year after she finally became the Canary. Her death was a great injustice to the character, and the actress, and we'll hope that somehow she'll return eventually, like her sister did.

3. Layla Grant - Nashville

Layla Grant - Nashville
With the news that Nashville would be moving to CMT and Hulu for its fifth season came the news that Layla and Luke Wheeler would no long be part of the fold. Luke's absence won't affect the show much, but Layla became a key player toward the end of Season 4. She has a feud with Juliette that included seducing her ex-husband, and she just had her new single reach #1. How will they write her off when her career was just taking off?

4. Killer Frost - The Flash

Killer Frost - The Flash
Sure, Caitlin Snow is still around on The Flash, but Earth-2 Caitlin was so much more satisfying to watch. She made Dr. Snow more interesting and helped evoke fear and suspense in this superhero-infused world, something the current Caitlin is completely lacking. Will Caitlin be changed into her evil self as Flashpoint proceeds?

5. Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Despite Brett Dalton's dashing good looks which would make us want him around forever, Grant Ward's story arc was so terrible. The writers destroyed him with each episode after he was revealed to be a Hydra spy, and they never gave him an opportunity to recover? Did he have true feelings for Daisy/Skye? Would he have made a better Hellfire? We're eternally bitter.

6. Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries
As The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was announced to be the last, rumors have been swirling around Dobrev's potential return to the show for the series finale. Whether you like Stelena or Delena, you have to admit that the show shouldn't have been carried on without Nina Dobrev. It's not The Vampire Diaries without Elena Gilbert.

7. Lexa - The 100

Lexa - The 100
Lexa's death was so sudden and unexpected. Just as her relationship with Clarke blossomed, she was hit by a stray bullet by the one person who had sworn to always protect her. She helped Clarke embrace her darker side, and they both simultaneously helped each other become lighter when they were together. Forgiving her sins in Season 2, it's a shame Lexa died before she could help Clarke save the world.

8. Ziva David - NCIS

Ziva David - NCIS
We didn't actually see her death, so there's always hope, right? Her departure in Season 11 was sad; we spent so much tiem with her character, much more than with Kate, but never got to see her fully blossom. With Michael Weatherly now exited from NCIS, too, I guess our dreams of a Tony and Ziva relationship will die hard.

9. Elliott Stabler - Law & Order: SVU

Elliott Stabler - Law & Order: SVU
How many years has it been since Chris Meloni abruptly exited the show? All of the Stabler/Benson fans have been a perpetual state of heartbreak, waiting for the possibility of closure between those two. Hopefully he'll make an appearance before the show runs its course, but the future looks bleak for now. Plus, seeing him yell at people was strangely satisfying.

10. Allison Argent - Teen Wolf

Allison Argent - Teen Wolf
With Teen Wolf entering its final season, we're left remembering how things used to be as only three members of the main cast remain from the good ole days. We saw Crystal Reed as Allison Argent's ancestor last season, but Allison's last appearance was her death in Season 3. Can we get a proper goodbye between her and Scott, even if it's just a hallucination on his behalf?

11. Chanel #2 - Scream Queens

Chanel #2 - Scream Queens
She was awful even for the brief time on the screen. Her murder scene was horrifying and ridiculous, but hilarious nonetheless. It'd be interesting to see the dynamic play out between her and the other Chanels and Hester. How did this girl ever fit into the group, especially after she pushed Chanel down the stairs?

12. Norma Bates - Bates Motel

Norma Bates - Bates Motel
While Norma will still technically be seen in Bates Motel Season 5, it won't be the same character as we've come to know. She'll now be inside Norman's head, and it's been promised that she'll be crazier than ever. But is this really the way we want this beloved character to stick around? As a figure of insanity?

13. Elsa - Once Upon a Time

Elsa - Once Upon a Time
Weirdly, the Frozen storyline on Once Upon a Time was one of the best they've had. Maybe it was all of the hype during the time, but the cast they chose as Elsa, Anna, and the Ice Queen were all incredibly talented and added depth to what could've been a cold, dry story.

14. Astra - Supergirl

Astra - Supergirl
Thankfully, Cat Grant is sticking around National City, so this doesn't focus on her. But Kara's Aunt Astra, her mother's twin, was a deeply scarred character that could've provided intense and provocative layers to the Kryptonian side of Kara which we don't see very often. Alex killed her though, so it's unlikely she'll ever return to the city. Here's hoping Laura Benanti sticks around, at least a little bit, as Kara's mother in flashbacks.

15. Charlotte DiLaurentis - Pretty Little Liars

Charlotte DiLaurentis - Pretty Little Liars
Do we really want her back? No. But the bitch knew everything and had all the answers we've been craving for SIX YEARS. Plus, if there was a mother/daughter team between Mary and Charlotte, they could take over Rosewood and the world. It'd be pretty badass.

16. Simon Asher - Quantico

Simon Asher - Quantico
Simon came out of left field and surprised us all. Throughout Alex's trifles with the law and being accused of terrorism, he was the only one who always stood by her side. Not even Ryan did that. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself to save the FBI and so many others from a nuclear bomb that was planted inside Quantico by Liam. His last words to Raina and Alex will haunt us forever.

17. (Evolved) Leonard Snart - Legends of Tomorrow

(Evolved) Leonard Snart - Legends of Tomorrow
Snart will be sticking around all of the Arrow-verse shows, but it's as the character we saw on The Flash, not Legends of Tomorrow. The Leonard that sacrificed himself for his friends, and for Sara, died, and his past/present self has no memory of ever going on the Waverider. So much character growth down the drain...

18. Kate Callahan - Criminal Minds

Kate Callahan - Criminal Minds
How many times will this cast be shaken? Will the recent firing of Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner), Criminal Minds loses yet another member of the original cast. Kate may have been introduced in Season 10, but she fit in perfectly, and she was level-headed enough to keep cool in the job's serious demands. We'd all much rather have Prentiss back, but being realistic, Kate would be a suitable replacement returnee, considering Jennifer Love Hewitt only left due to her own pregnancy.

19. Madison Montgomery - American Horror Story

Madison Montgomery - American Horror Story
Wow, do we miss American Horror Story: Coven? That season had arguably the best plot of them all, and compared to recent seasons, Coven stands out as the best and most memorable of them all. Most surprisingly, Emma Roberts' character Madison is a highlight. Everyone's used her "Surprise, bitch. I bet you'd thought you'd seen the last of me." gif at least once, don't even lie.

20. Rebecca Sutter - How To Get Away With Murder

Rebecca Sutter - How To Get Away With Murder
Poor Rebecca. She never had a chance. Framed for killing Lila, which Frank did, suspected by her boyfriend Wes, and later killed by Bonnie because she knew too many of Annalise and the Keating 5's secrets. Would she have been able to connect with Wes after she was no longer suspected of being a murderer, or would the involvement Wes had in Sam Keating's death have eventually driven her away?

21. Michelle Tanner - Fuller House

Michelle Tanner - Fuller House
Amid the excitement over the reunion of the Full House in Fuller House, it was dragged down by the announcement that neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley Olsen would be returning to reprise their role as Michelle Tanner. We need to see our favorite Tanner child back with her family. Please.

22. Lady Lola - Reign

Lady Lola - Reign
Only two original cast members remain on The CW's Reign, but out of the entire list of missing characters, Lola seemed to have the most potential before her untimely beheading. The latter half of Season 3 proved her worth as Mary's friend, subject, and ally as she was held hostage in Elizabeth's castle. Now Mary is alone in Scotland, her home, but a land unfamiliar to her.

23. Angelo Sorrento - Switched at Birth

Angelo Sorrento - Switched at Birth
For Switched at Birth's upcoming final season, it's a shame we know the entire family own't be completely reunited. Angelo's death shook both Bay and Daphne, pulling them apart as they each lost one of their fathers. Can Regina truly be happy with Angelo gone?

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