23 TV Characters We DEMAND Return for 2016-17

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How many characters died during the last TV season? Too many.

It's always hard to get attached to a character in many ways and have to deal with their exit, due to contract disputes, an actor's will, or a writer who wants to create "shock value" by killing off another female character that can't seem to serve as anything but a love interest for the male lead.

Below are our hopes for characters we'd hope to see return from their standing absence, be that from death or a vacation from all the crazy drama in their towns.

1. Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy

Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy
We get you wanted to leave Patrick Dempsey. 11 years is a long time to spend on one series, but you were McDreamy, man. How could you leave us? Leave your kids? Leave MEREDITH? We trusted you!

2. Laurel Lance - Arrow

Laurel Lance - Arrow
Laurel Lance's death created quite a stir within the comic community. The Black Canary, most iconicly paired with the Green Arrow, was killed off a Green Arrow television show. Hardly a year after she finally became the Canary. Her death was a great injustice to the character, and the actress, and we'll hope that somehow she'll return eventually, like her sister did.

3. Layla Grant - Nashville

Layla Grant - Nashville
With the news that Nashville would be moving to CMT and Hulu for its fifth season came the news that Layla and Luke Wheeler would no long be part of the fold. Luke's absence won't affect the show much, but Layla became a key player toward the end of Season 4. She has a feud with Juliette that included seducing her ex-husband, and she just had her new single reach #1. How will they write her off when her career was just taking off?

4. Killer Frost - The Flash

Killer Frost - The Flash
Sure, Caitlin Snow is still around on The Flash, but Earth-2 Caitlin was so much more satisfying to watch. She made Dr. Snow more interesting and helped evoke fear and suspense in this superhero-infused world, something the current Caitlin is completely lacking. Will Caitlin be changed into her evil self as Flashpoint proceeds?

5. Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Despite Brett Dalton's dashing good looks which would make us want him around forever, Grant Ward's story arc was so terrible. The writers destroyed him with each episode after he was revealed to be a Hydra spy, and they never gave him an opportunity to recover? Did he have true feelings for Daisy/Skye? Would he have made a better Hellfire? We're eternally bitter.

6. Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries
As The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was announced to be the last, rumors have been swirling around Dobrev's potential return to the show for the series finale. Whether you like Stelena or Delena, you have to admit that the show shouldn't have been carried on without Nina Dobrev. It's not The Vampire Diaries without Elena Gilbert.

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