29 TV Characters Who Were Too Good to Last

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Every so often a character comes onto our screen who is so innocent, good, and pure that they might as well be asking to get killed. 

Here, we remember some of the characters who came onto our favorite TV shows spreading light, hope, and love, but who ultimately had to bow out. 

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On this list, are characters who grew out of blind naivete, were open to new and weird things around them, and who showed dedication to those they cared about.

Here are 29 characters who were just too good to last. 

1. Poussey Washington (Orange is the New Black)

Of all the Litchfield inmates, Poussey Washington tended to fly under the radar the most. While she definitely had a presence, she seemed to genuinely want to just serve her time and be released. Unfortunately, she died during a peaceful protest during Orange is the New Black Season 4.

2. Adam Masters (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Adam Masters only appeared during three episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part II and was the poor sap who didn't realize his fiance was possessed by Madam Satan. Still, he was an oddly trusting character who was sure to meet his end someway, somehow, during the season. We just didn't expect Satan himself, to kill him, cook him, and feed him to Lilith.

3. Petronella Osgood (Doctor Who)

Petronella Osgood was a U.N.I.T scientist who had hero-type worship of The Doctor, praying to him in times of danger. Osgood and her Zygon twin were indistinguishable from one another until one of them was killed by Missy on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12, "Death in Heaven." There's no way of knowing which one died in that encounter, but Osgood was such a pure character that losing either was a travesty.

4. Monty Green and Harper McIntyre (The 100)

Monty and Harper were two characters on The 100 who never actively looked for trouble. They were two characters who were tired of fighting and chose each other, and happiness. Their death at the end of The 100 Season 5 was peaceful and fitting for how they'd conducted themselves as part of the group, but still heartbreaking.

5. Jack Pearson (This Is Us)

Oh Jack, you had a troubled past, but you were such a good dad that a crockpot had to kill you. Jack was the kind of dad that his kids idolized and who would do anything for his family. His death when the triplets were seventeen felt like the universe giving the Pearson family the finger.

6. Hope Shlottman (Jessica Jones)

Hope's life would have been much different if she hadn't met Kilgrave. For one thing, she might still be alive. During Jessica Jones Season 1, she was placed under Kilgrave's mind control as a way to get to Jessica. She later sacrificed herself so that Jessica could stop him.

7. Danny Pink (Doctor Who)

Danny Pink, also known as Dan the Soldier Man, was Clara Oswald's love interest in Doctor Who Season 8. Despite people asking if he'd killed anyone while he was a soldier, Danny responds with the fact that he dug 23 wells, making him the most Doctor-like love interest. He died on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 11, "Dark Water," after being hit by a car. Only then he came back as a Cyberman and then sacrificed himself by commanding all of the Cybermen to foil Missy's diabolical plan.

8. Eden Blaine (The Handmaid's Tale)

Eden might have entered The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 under suspicion, but the 15-year-old character ended up chasing true love to the point where it got her killed. In the penultimate episode of The Handmaid's Tale Season 2, Eden ran off with a guardian named Issac after June encouraged her to grab love wherever she could. In the eyes of Gilead, that made them adulterers, and they were drowned in a pool in an end that viewers didn't see coming.

9. Bill Pargrave (Killing Eve)

Not many coworkers will call a superior a "dickswab" for you. Bill was a good friend to Eve. He stood by her, and he defended her when he needed to. In the end, that’s probably why he had to die at the hands of Villanelle halfway through the first season of Killing Eve.

10. Bob Newby (Stranger Things)

We may not have liked him because he came between Joyce and Hopper, but he was a good guy who ultimately helped. Not only was he able to find Hopper and figure out Will's drawings, but when it counted he saved Joyce and the rest of the characters. Sadly he couldn't escape himself, getting attacked by demi-dogs at Hawkins Lab.

11. Jon Dixon (A Million Little Things)

A Million Little Things starts with Jon’s death but over the course of the first season, we realize that maybe he’s not hiding something shady after all. Jon had a good heart, and although he struggled with depression that doesn't erase his kind acts.

12. Maya Vie (The 100)

Maya Vie was one of the "mountain men" on The 100 Season 2. While the President and the doctors were getting ready to extract bone marrow from the space kids she sided with them. Unfortunately, there was no out for her when Clarke pulled the lever irradiating Level 5, killing all of the inhabitants of Mount Weather.

13. Alex Rousseau (Lost)

Poor Alex was never anything more than a pawn. Sixteen-year-old Alex Rousseau helped the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on many occasions, but was ultimately executed when Ben wouldn't give into the demands of a group of mercenaries.

14. Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

Allison Argent was a naturally caring presence on Teen Wolf. Her protection of her friends even continued after she was stabbed and killed by an Oni demon, leaving them with a way a method to defeat it.

15. Tara Maclay (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Tara's death still has us grabbing tissues. She was a supportive girlfriend and one of the Scoobies. She had her own limits and wasn’t afraid to draw her boundaries, but she always had good intentions and her death came out of nowhere.

16. David Wagner (Blindspot)

On Blindspot Season 1, Patterson had a supportive boyfriend in the form of David Wagner. David shared her love of puzzles and had a desire to help Patterson solve every tattoo on Jane Doe's body. Sadly, his dogged pursuit of the solution is what ultimately got him killed.

17. Winfred "Fred" Burkle (Angel)

When Winifred "Fred" Burkle left home she said that she would be dull and boring, but that was far from how her life ended up. Always curious, she helped Angel and the team numerous times before she was possessed by the remains of Illyria and hollowed out to be her new vessel. While Fred's body may have still walked around, the sweet innocent girl was lost.

18. Mercy Valduto (Orange is the New Black)

Mercy liked to play a zero-sum game. She kept a list of everything she owed people determined to leave this world without owing anybody anything. She even continued the list while she was in prison, where she died trying to make things right with Red.

19. Billy Keikeya (Battlestar Galactica)

If you had to pick a word to describe Billy it would be that he was loyal. He and Laura Roslin didn’t always see eye-to-eye but he could always be counted on until her actions would have divided the Colonial Fleet. He died in the crossfire when terrorists took control of the bar on Cloud 9.

20. Barbara "Barb" Holland (Stranger Things)

Barbara was introduced as Nancy's friend, but then got dragged into The Upside Down two episodes in and eaten during the first season. While we may not have gotten to know her, she certainly made quite the impression.

21. Madeline Costley (Dollhouse)

Madeline, also known as November or Mellie, was one of the most innocent actives that Dollhouse followed. She entered the Dollhouse after her daughter died of cancer. She was later used as a pawn to innoculate the Dollhouse against any threat. While Mellie may have been the one doll that volunteered she also met the most unsavory end out of all the Actives when she killed herself while she was imprinted as Mellie.

22. Alexei (Stranger Things)

Alexei was the Russian scientist who loved cherry Slurpees on Stranger Thing Season 3. While he may have been on the side of the "evil Russians" he had a good sense of humor to him, and his delight over the Fourth of July carnival games was something to behold. Sadly, he was executed by another one of his comrades as a traitor.

23. Zoe Anderson (The Rookie)

Zoe Anderson was a supportive badass who fans of The Rookie loved. Killing her off in the first season was a death that no one saw coming.

24. Wells Jaha (The 100)

Wells was killed a few episodes into The 100’s first season after getting himself arrested to get on the dropship with Clarke. We never really saw how their relationship would go, but he seemed to have Clarke's back in the few episodes he appeared in.

25. Lance Sweets (Bones)

Lance Sweets was the on-screen shipper for Booth and Brennan. Viewers definitely didn't see his death coming and it certainly felt like a loss in the seasons that came after.

26. Lexie Grey (Grey's Anatomy)

Lexie deserved a better end than to die in a plane crash and get eaten by coyotes. Meredith Grey's half-sister was something of a flustered mess as she made her way through residency, but she eventually won over the hearts of the audience and her half-sister alike.

27. Robin Hood (Once Upon a Time)

Robin Hood is the epitome of goodness, and Once Upon a Time’s version was no exception. He was introduced to become Regina’s love interest, but he always had a desire to do what was morally good. It was a fitting end when he sacrificed himself to save Regina, but it was still very heartbreaking.

28. Astrid Peth (Doctor Who)

Astrid was cast opposite the Tenth Doctor in a Christmas special as a waitress. The Doctor took her under his wing and showed her Earth and that the galaxy is bigger than what she thought. While the show could have set her up to be a new companion she ultimately died taking down billionaire Max Capricorn.

29. Lucas Ripley (Station 19)

In the perfect quote for a character on this list, Captain Sullivan eulogized Chief Ripley saying: "It's all good. We're all good. You were so good." Lucas Ripley's death came as a shock to fans. While the character was originally steely and closed off, he slowly became more open and the audience grew to love. He gave a lot to his department and even more to those that he loved.

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