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It's number "200" for the CBS long running crime drama and Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 14 takes a shocking turn as JJ is kidnapped. 

The BAU team is once again joined by Emily Prentiss to help during this crisis but how will everyone react when they find out that a secret mission from JJ's State Deparment days may be the reason behind her abduction?

Check out these preview photos from this landmark installment scheduled to air Wednesday, Feb. 5th on CBS.


1. Safe and Sound?

Safe and Sound?
Will JJ be returned safe and sound and what secrets from her State Department days will be revealed on the 200th episode of Criminal Minds?

2. In the Ambulance

In the Ambulance
Who is in that ambulance and how is it connected to JJ's kidnapping on Criminal Minds?

3. Hotchner's Reaction

Hotchner's Reaction
How will Hotchner react when JJ is kidnapped and secrets from her past are revealed on the 200th episode of Criminal Minds?

4. Team In Crisis

Team In Crisis
The BAU team faces a serious crisis when JJ is abducted. Will her kidnapping lead the team to a secret mission they knew nothing about?

5. Gun Drawn

Gun Drawn
Rossi's got his gun drawn. Has he found the person behind JJ's abduction?

6. Rossi Chases Down a Suspect

Rossi Chases Down a Suspect
Rossi chases down a suspect but can a dead man give them any answers as to JJ's whereabouts on Criminal Minds?

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Criminal Minds Quotes

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be heard, cannot be smelt, It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills, It comes first and follows after, ends life, kills laughter. -- JRR Tolkien


Hotch: A sniper can wait up to 72 hours without sleeping.
Mays: Seriously?
Rossi: That's part of their training. They can stay awake for 72 hours and remain completely focused on their target.
Mays: How?
Hotch: By using a mental exercise called "fantasy integration". A sniper creates a scenarios involving a target that keeps that person at the forefront of their mind.
Morgan: Often they'll imagine a place where they're with the target, doing something together that takes time. For example, building a car.
JJ: For some, the fantasy begins the minute they're assigned a target. Then nothing will distract them.