The Resident Season 1 Report Card: Favorite Badass, Best CoNic Scene, & More!

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The Resident has wrapped up, but there is still plenty to discuss. 

It's time to review The Resident Season 1 as a whole and discuss some of the best aspects of the season, some of the weakest, and what we hope to see in season two. 

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Check out our report card below, and feel free to chat it up in the comments with your own feelings about the season. 

1. Moment We Knew This Wasn't Your Typical Medical Drama - Chloe's Case

Moment We Knew This Wasn't Your Typical Medical Drama - Chloe's Case
It's easy to say it was Bell killing a patient on the table, which was a sure sign that this show would be outrageously entertaining, but the real moment the series felt like a game-changer compared to other medical series was with Chloe's case. Chloe was the drug addict who coded in the hallway during the pilot. Devon was so proud of himself when he revived her after so many minutes of being without oxygen. In any other series, that would have been the end of it. The newbie would have made the save, and everyone would have celebrated.

In this case, Conrad humbled a smug Devon with reality. Chloe was brain dead and now her family would not only be dealing with a child who wouldn't wake up, but they would incur debt from all of her medical expenses wracking up until she died. Who can forget: "All we want to do is help our patients, but what they don't tell you in medical school is there are so many ways to do harm. " That moment set the tone for the rest of the season.

2. Favorite Badass Character - Mina

Favorite Badass Character - Mina
Conrad has all that bad boy goodness going on, but Mina is the real badass of the series. The woman is a beast in the best possible way. She's phenomenal at her job. She's not here for anyone else's crap, and she's gorgeous. What more can you ask for here? Mina earned the respect of nearly every other character. People love her and are drawn to her which makes it all the funnier considering this badass curmudgeon admits that she doesn't do people.

She's confident enough in her abilities to challenge the likes of Bell or anyone else. She runs a freaking clinic from her apartment. She's a fashion goddess. She has two well-esteemed doctors clambering to mentor her. She's the first person Conrad comes to because she can get the job done. Also, the woman can kick some serious ass and give herself stitches with nothing to numb it because, yup, she's a badass. When will your fave ever?!

3. The Friendship We Need More Of - Conrad and Devon

The Friendship We Need More Of - Conrad and Devon
They may be the stars of the show, but ironically, their bromance takes a backseat to a few other relationships in the series. They started off on shaky grounds when they didn't make the best impression with one another, but they quickly developed a partnership that worked for them. Hell, they became two of the driving forces behind the Dream Team. Unfortunately, they aren't the type to chill out with one another during their off-time, and while their relationship has improved a great deal through the course of the season, they haven't become that classic "bromance" that you'd expect. Hopefully, next season, these two will become the bromance we need and deserve!

4. Best Episode - Season 1 Episode 9: Lost Love

Best Episode -  Season 1 Episode 9: Lost Love
This episode had everything! If you were still undecided about the series, the midseason finale was a hell of a turning point. It was nonstop awesomeness from that point forward. The hour had adorable, fluffy puppies named after sweets. It had the death of Lily, the most beloved patient of them all. It had Lane officially becoming the most hated character of the series. So much happened in this jam-packed hour, and it turned the season around. It was one of the funniest, most emotional, jaw-dropping episodes of the season. Everyone brought their A - game with that one.

5. Worst Episode - Season 1 Episode 3: Comrades in Arms

Worst Episode - Season 1 Episode 3: Comrades in Arms
Resident Fanatics were pretty vocal about this one at the time, and the review rating reflected it. The hour introduced us to Jude, which was great, but it gave us a case of an undocumented patient that was a bit messy and highlighted one of The Resident's weaknesses: its accuracy. The show is good for playing fast and loose sometimes when hitting home its points about the crookedness of the healthcare system, but in this particular hour, they were over the top with it.

It introduced us to Barb who was trying to enforce her CARE cost efficiency system despite not having the credentials to back her up. It had the hospital CEO calling ICE on a patient. There were upcoding and upcharges and felonies galore. There was a lot happening in the episode, including Barb nearly destroying a man's penis. It managed to be one of the season's weakest episodes to date.

6. Slimiest Character - Lane Hunter

Slimiest Character - Lane Hunter
There was no shortage of slimy characters who were terrible human beings. A slew of them could be found throughout the first season. Lane, however, was the absolute slimiest of them all. She was a true villainess, but a fantastic one. I think we all enjoyed hating the hell out of her. She was so great at being bad that it was striking and fascinating, but she was so damn bad that you rooted for her takedown.

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